Friday, August 11, 2017

J.R. Nyquist On The Swamp

Good article by Nyquist showing why Trump has already lost

Trump was either going to come out fighting or he was going to come out like he has. Failing to get rid of Obamacare was the first of a series of defeats in which he is going to fail to keep every single one of his campaign promises.

There's not going to be a miracle save for the United States. It was never going to happen. All that was Occurrence on Owl Creek Bridge for a condemned man.


Dave Narby said...

I'm not so sure "it's all over". That might be prop. There appears to be a massive power struggle in the machine.

August said...

He ain't dead yet.
Yes, it is very possible he loses.
But it is also possible he gets pissed off enough to fight back.

The most worrying part to me is that he seems to believe too much mainstream stuff. Since they can feed him info, they can set him up.

But they didn't expect him. They thought they had the election process locked up- and they did, against normal people. You try to run a campaign and you need a ton of lawyers just to make sure you don't break any of thousands of rules. As a side effect of being a billionaire, Trump has been living with plenty of legal counsel, so he was able to avoid many of these problems.

Mueller is using the grand jury to knock at people lower on the scale- to find someone who is less protected. They'll probably try a perjury charge or something because they'll never find anything illegal with Russia. They already know it too, since the Obama administration was surveilling the campaign.

Plus, obviously the Republicans aren't cooperating with him. They are treating him like both parties treated Jesse Ventura in Minnesota.

He has a small chance- it looks bad- but he's comeback before.

Sir Sweetstick said...

what do you care?

WrenchTurner said...

Damn I read that story in third grade.

Crimson Sun said...

My biggest hope was that he'd Aduit the Fed. Since he constantly made allusions to Andrew Jackson. But it seems that was just pandering.

The Lab Manager said...

There are a handful of good things we have gotten from Trump. Unfortunately, there is a deep state working against some of them.

There was an ok SC nomination, some of the people that needed to be kicked out in some agencies have been kicked out (except the fbi, cia, nsa). A good number of illegal immigrants are self deporting. Giving Europe the finger on the Paris climate agreement. So far, he has not stolen our pensions or guns like Hildebeast would have done along with letting the turd world in greater numbers.

This is about as good as its going to get.

Texas Arcane said...

I second that.

Texas Arcane said...

Biggest problem as mentioned above is Trump actually believes the things they say on televitz. I can't believe that somebody who worked on televitz actually believes televitz.

August said...

Looks like it's crunch time. Enough of video for the media narrative to collapse in Charlottsville. Trump points out the violence of antifa and the usual people go nuts.
I hope Americans remember we used to let Nazis go play in the park. Most of these guys weren't Nazis, but they were white, and they were attacked just for showing up and wanting to demonstrate- with state and local gov't collaborating.

So I hope he sees encouraged to investigate further, in which case the question of how much of the resources he has are tainted? Will the F.B.I do a legit investigation, or will they just scream racist all the way to the electric chair?

Domains Pty Ltd said...

Subhuman Caucasian Modis Operandi

1) They come for your Money
2) They Assassinate your Character
3) They come for your Aspirations
4) They come for your Dreams
5) They Steal your Ideas
6) They try in vain to Steal your Soul
7) They crush your Spirit like a spent Coca-Cola Can
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There can only be one true final solution to this Caucasian Terror;

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And yes, I'm exceptionally 'white', death to white Arsetralia.

Sam said...

"...There can only be one true final solution to this Caucasian Terror;

Gas All White People...."

You go first. We'll follow you. Promise...