Thursday, August 17, 2017

Improvamentalism and Enrichmentation

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Sam said...

I hate large windmills. Very smart of the US government to subsidize China's windmill industry. Gag!

I like the small ones. Very useful for pumping water and other intermittent tasks. Even power. I do like solar as it cuts you lose from the monopoly power plants.

You might be interested in a new development in Rebol. It was open sourced (R3). Well a guy took that code and went through all of it an made it cleaner and easier to compile on most things. He also cleaned up some of the functioning. He says in his description that it's a way to " provide a smooth API for embedding a Rebol interpreter in C programs...", I admit I don't get this part. It is actually a Rebol without any GUI. They're working in adding one. Sappir already has one on ,I think, this codebase. The people doing this use Rebol in their business and want the R3 code to be better, faster, cleaner, etc.