Sunday, August 6, 2017

Australian Temperature Monitoring Scandals - Again

Australia has once again shown the world that you're a fool if you believe something an Australian tells you.

Australia is a little country. They can't afford blows like this to their credibility. They could get so discredited that nobody ever trusts them again even if they cleaned up their act. They are not America. They can't get away with blatant lying and make people pretend to believe it because they have nukes.

Australia desperately needs a clean sweep of political leadership. From the top down, all that rubbish needs to be swept right out the door and replaced with a new, clean young wave of fresh blood. They have shown they cannot self-police their own ranks so I'm not talking about one individual politician. They all need to go, every single one of them. They have shown that reform is impossible as long as they are installed in their offices.


lyrk jlark said...

Tex, unrelated but do you think the Neanderthals had a good ear for music? Or had the impulse to dance?

Asking because it seems like something Black people have it running deep in their blood, but a lot of whites don't.

SergeiSiminov84 said...


Ignoble origins (convict history).
Not important on the global political stage.
Not really important on the global financial stage.
Not a military powerhouse.
Not a people of any social or cultural note.

Yet oh so desperate to achieve any level of greatness in sport.
Cause it's all they've got...

All due to their inherent - "little man syndrome".

- deadman

Midnight Avenue J said...

Lyrk, it is known that Thals had music.

As for the impulse to dance, it is alive and well in Whites, refined, elegant, and as with many things We do, has a proper place and time.

Spontaneous mating rituals to drumbeats are not the same as dancing.