Thursday, August 17, 2017

A Long Time Coming But Here Itz Is

I knew this day would come when I started Vault-Co. I know it sounds corny but I am too hard a man to weep over this at my age but I am crying on the inside. I'm crying hard. I miss it and I know it will never come back and there will never be anything like it ever again. It was fun to be free and for one bright moment on this chimpmanzee planet to have nice things for a short while before somebody burned them or crushed them or shot it full of holes with automatic weapons. My life growing up was hard, it never got easy but I know now it was golden years and the future will not be like that at all. The future is just the horror of the children of Cain and all their evil.

They're going to pull it all down now and burn it. It's what they do. They do not tolerate anything good or kind or generous or wonderful. They have no propensity for such things. Their insides won't permit the outside world to look like that for long, they have to destroy it. The "progress" they were promising is rivers of blood and fire. People like these never made anything better in their entire life, only worse the instant they put their hand on it.

At the same time this is going on in the United States there is a full-court press here in the mass media and all available channels of information to "ban" Australia Day here in Australia. A coincidence to be sure like all the others for decades. Remember Satan's kids never rest and when you are sleeping somewhere in the world they are awake and working their evil.


johnnypossum said...

Yes very sad. What's going wrong with the world Tex? PC is extreme! Statues being removed in the dark hours of the night is disturbing -rewriting history? Extraordinary? The same thing in AUS with Australia Day etc. I'm Aboriginal and I don't like where we're headed - sure some of my people disagree with it but it is historical fact. Granted, most of my people don't agree with or celebrate the day (but we take the day off anyway). History surely is to be remembered as fact and if we start to erase it's memory then are we any less than ISIS or the Taliban in destroying artefacts of or references to history? We truly are living in sad times my friend.

Texas Arcane said...


I thought having a day devoted to the indigenous people of Australia was a great idea and frankly some statues of their notables in public like Neville Bonner would also be a great idea. I can't imagine in ten thousand years wanting to pull those over and destroy them. Disgusting and barbaric. This madness will not end here, mark my words. The people who are really behind this in the mass media are just getting started. They won't stop until every structure on the East Coast of Australia is destroyed. Then they will start on the West Coast.

Crimson Sun said...

They won't stop until all history is erased.
I suspect this is far from the first time it has happened.