Monday, July 24, 2017

Ten Things Free Men Could Do In 1975

All verboten now, nein ze "terrorists" would get us otherwise!

My brother and I would plink at cans with airguns out back in the woods. Nobody called SWAT or helicopter pursuit. When you went to purchase all sorts of things, nobody ever told you first they would need to see your ID and know why you were purchasing it and who it was for. There was no general gravity of suspicion that every single thing you were saying or hearing was a lie. I bought cough medicine for my mother at the pharmacy up the road and they sometimes told me to take two so I would have a spare box. I think I was 9 years old.

We ate a lot of candy and drank soda sweetened with sugar. It was terrible stuff but it was not aspartame. Lead content in food was policed very strictly. If you put food out discovered to have high concentrations of lead the government would put you out of business overnight. The government was well aware that lead turned people into undead brain zombies.

Of course. We saw totalitarian societies on television in both the news and in fiction. These things were the reasons America was the greatest nation on the Earth. We just didn't live like that in America. We had the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Men lived without fear of bureaucratic tyrants crushing their lives out of existence slowly.

Right around this time, a nut named Kurt Saxon was telling people that there was a plan for worldwide global government and that their primary target obstructing the road to their rule was the United States.

He said about ten thousand times that in coming years, the government would begin to stage a series of terrorist attacks on our soil so that they could bring in a totalitarian government that would turn over our sovereignty to the United Nations and they in turn would answer to a new global government with their own currency imposed on us.

You can't imagine how crazy all that sounded in 1975.

It's not nostalgia. It's that people back then didn't know how good it was, even with the fake "energy crisis" and all the other beginnings of the NWO propaganda arm. It was still good in 1975. Life had a sweetness for each and every person who lived there from the poorest derelict to the wealthiest entrepreneur. Computers were just taking off and it was nearly free of government interference so the industry boomed in a way that the current tiny group of moguls who rule Silicon Valley would like you to forget. There were more successful computer startups in 1976 than today. Instead of power being concentrated in a tiny ruling class of elites mostly funded by CIA money who watched their competitors run out by the government for them, it truly was a better mousetrap industry. All we have left now are the fake "gods" created for us by the government they tell us are the only persons who will ever be allowed to succeed again.


Kona Commuter said...

It was a while ago now (year or two) and the news had a story where the PSRT (Queensland SWAT) responded in force to a young man shooting a rifle (at a target) on his property. Everything the guy was doing was 100% above board. He was licenced, the firearm registered, he was shooting on a property that was the required size (not actually a part of the law but there you go). Yet he gets the Police called on him who respond with Assault Rifles, bullet proof vests, helicopter and bullet proof truck.

IMHO the person calling them should have been asked "Is there any reason you believe there's a crime being committed?".

Gary said...

There's definitely a plan/plot to move away from the USD in due course, and onto a system focused on the euro/yuan.

I'm pretty sure we'll see a push for a new UN constitution, that gives power to the commies, and then we'll all be slaves. No country will be able to fight them. Most countries will have happily signed up to the slavery anyway, as the elites will rise yet further, whilst the middle classes are wiped out financially.

The coming ice age will indeed be a blessing, the bigger the better in my opinion.
It will enable a cleansing and a re-building.

Aeoli Pera said...

Ouch dude.

Sam said...

When I was a kid, ten years old, we used to walk down the road on the way to the swamp to hunt with .22's and shotguns. The cops came by one day, asked what we were doing, we told them and they said be careful and went on their way. Now it would be a major freak out.

mobius wolf said...

Depends on where you were/are. Massachusetts was this bad then, and Maine is that good now (and has been all along).

All true in aggregate though. I'm counting on the engineered collapse not going how they plan. It all depends on which way the angry mob is pointing.