Saturday, July 1, 2017

Sheeple Just Getting It Now

This new book goes into sufficient detail to demonstrate that the "conspiracy theorists" are actually the only remaining members of the public who aren't crazy.

"Civil defense is pointless"... meanwhile their tunnel boring machines running at fever pitch worldwide.

This is the Georgia Guidestones plan in plain sight. Guess what? You ain't in that plan.

Nobody likes an I told you so. But I did. That's the reason I started this site.

I genuinely believe that these people knew the end of the Holocene was coming up and they decided this is a lifeboat and they are just taking their friends and everybody else is going over the side. This plan was not arrived at overnight. Right around the end of the 1960's it became a growing consensus that the planet was headed back to another Ice Age and the wise prudent course of action would be to dump the surplus population once they were properly shorn of their tax revenues. The plan then was to "retire" the 90% as no longer essential personnel. Telling the public about "climate change" made a wonderful cover for spending money on their own preparations. The government was practicing hardcore survivalism complete with ultimate triage long before I started Vault-Co.

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Aeoli Pera said...

The elites are Jehovah's Witnesses, who knew?