Monday, July 3, 2017

ROFL Fake Hawkings Gibberish

Not the same guy. Not even a good match, in fact. A caricature. The new
guy looks healthier and younger than ever. First time somebody with ALS has
ever lived to this age? How likely is that?
Hawkings double promises we will all be pelted by acid rain storms if we don't impeach Trump.

I just link to this stuff. I couldn't make it up. Too ridiculous. I just link to it.

Nobody with ALS lives to be 75 years old. Never happened. Never will. This guy was near death's door in his twenties. He was on his last legs when his book was published.

He's too valuable as a shill to allow a little thing like death to interrupt his agitprop, so they found a double. This double looks like a healthy guy in his 40's slumping in a wheelchair.


Phelps said...

I'm with you know. Most people who are good at math believe the AGW bullshit. No one who is good at math believes the "runaway Venus" scenario. The math just doesn't support it.

This guy probably even walks.

Sam said...

"...Nobody with ALS lives to be 75 years old..."

I bet it is the same. I think I read he's been to Epstein's kiddie diddling Island. Ok. I'm going to make some extrapolations here. Maybe not true but certainly within reason for our demented evil Judo psychopath world. That means he's in with the Satan worshiping bunch or at least the "humans are to be used like animals" bunch. So surely you've heard the research that old mice who were stitched to young mice were almost completely rejuvenated. Miraculous results. We also know for a fact, 100%, that silicon valley entrepreneurs are getting the blood of young people and transfusing it into older people with lots of cash. Seems, if I remember correctly, it was $10,000 a session. Of course if you got the cash it would be well worth it. This leads us to our evil scientist. I bet he's been bleeding children like a vampire to stay alive.

Dexsquab Molutinator said...

I've been telling people for years Hawking is dead. Your angle is plausible. I've been telling people he's the longest running performance of Weekend at Bernie's, ever. That he's formaldehyded, his nurse keeps the electrodes in place, and in the back room you've got Huey, Duey and Mike running the show; Huey remote controls the Hawkingbot, Duey controls the remote feed to the electrics to cause facial twitches and whatnot, and Mike is a Google employee.

Dexsquab Molutinator said...

Hawking. Using a small bird of prey to hunt. The fiddlers would love that.