Monday, July 10, 2017

Mass Media Catches Up With Arthur Jones in 1970's

The media is where you go to find out stuff that everybody else around you has known for decades.

The thing about the news is ... there is never any news in the news. Ever. The media is a collection of people who are the very last group to ever find out anything about anything. If ever.

Oh god, don't make me explain it again one more time.
If you ever wonder why every single picture of Arthur Jones features a look of dismal despairing bored face palm disgust, this is why. The guy was too smart to be wasting his time trying to teach Homo Sapiens anything.


Kona Commuter said...

Tex - check out the latest free Mysterious Universe

They interview & talk about US plans for nuclear war and their Underground bases

cbenediccengi said...

Movement in general is important for health in many ways. The Russians knew in the Soviet times that the complexity of movement training mattered as well - as best exemplified by the Americanized 'Russian Martial Arts/Systema' practitioners that brought those teachings to the West after the fall of the FSU. You have to re-train your body to move with creativity and suppleness that was first nature when you were a kid. Your brain literally forgets how to move when you are sedentary. Also, your brain tissue will degenerate from lack of complex movement as well (see the works of Jon Ratey).

Arhtur Jones is decent enough, but he was one of the instigators of machine based exercises (Nautilus machines) which facilitate imbalance in the body - although useful for sarcoplasmic hypertrophy - ie. bodybuilding/narcissism/mental illness. Some favorites were Jack LaLanne, Steve Reeves, Chuck Sipes. Strong and aesthetic.

Humans are meant to move frequently at a moderate intensity (think: Systema, yoga, qigong, pilates) and occasionally lift, carry, press, push\pull and throw heavy shit, ala, the old time strong men. For that type of training check out Bud Jeffries.

Basically, move, lift, sleep, fast, spring water, good nights sleep, sunshine and eat like a caveman/Neanderthal. Nothing new under the sun.

Sam said...

P. D. Mangan was just talking about this in a podcast the other day. He at one time had chronic fatigue and found a way to beat it. He also has a blog and sells books. He's been around a long time and used to write about politics. I like how he takes scientific papers related to diet, exercise and life extension and boils them down to the layman.

As for stretching this corny 1960's book is fantastic. It will really hep with using all your muscles. Classic with millions sold. It's cheap used.

"Miss Craig's 21-day shape-up program for men & women : a plan of natural movement exercises for anyone in search of a trim and healthy body"

For exercise without buying a lot weights in small spaces the Canadian Air Force put together the best information they could and produced the "5bx exercise program". Free on line if you search for it.

NASA research also confirmed "maximum effort" type exercise back in the sixties. I read a book on this late sixties but can't remember the name. Basically exercise to exhaustion, running sprints, lifting weights is the proper way and only takes minutes to do. It's the exhaustion that matters.

I think also just as important is some kind of full body motion type movement exercise. Like the Miss Craig's or the Asian Falun Gong exercises.

There's a guy who practices some kind of breathing exercises "Wim Hof exercises - Wim Hof, The Iceman" that is interesting. He studied all the Yoga type exercises and broke them down into a Western no BS type exercise that gets results without all the philosophy.