Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Farm Animals Don't Get Coffins

Liquefying Virtue Signaling Halfwits After They Get One Vaccine Too Many

Been talking about this for years on Vault-Co. Years.

The ruling classes don't want dead beasts taking up natural reserve land. It seems a waste to them that cattle should wish a box and a marker after death, it's all too much to bother for a mere domesticated beast.

Keep watching for more of this propaganda. I heard it was mentioned at the last Bilderberger meeting as a big tick on the Agenda 21 implementation. No more holes for dead beasts. It's a waste of perfectly good land. Up the smokestack you go. Remember, when the Nazis did it, it was wrong. Reminds of the end of George Orwell's ANIMAL FARM.

How long before somebody decides just cremating people is a waste of resources that could be recycled into the system?

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August said...

If they were really serious about CO2- plain casket in a forest- I know willows can take up a lot of nutrients. The point being they are supposedly scared about all this carbon in the air- if you put the carbon in the ground and/or into plants it isn't in the air.

And we don't really need the chemicals for embalming.

Even if you want to be mummified, I'm sure we could come up with less toxic alternatives.

But then, this is probably another attack on Christianity, as the promotion of cremation was- the idea was to make resurrection seem less possible.