Monday, July 3, 2017

Buchanan Channels Ancient Vault-Co Posts from 2009

We already published this conclusion back in 2009 here on Vault-Co.

Here it is. The nation-state is an allegiance of kin-related individuals who decide they can provide better for the protection of women and children by sacrificing their own immediate interests to the strategic goals of the group. A nation of invaders with allegiance to their original countries and cultures is not a nation. It's a civil war that has not kicked off yet.

This was over a long, long time ago. The truth is that ordinary people are so slow-witted they are only figuring it out now. We had it nailed on this blog over a decade ago. Like I always said, I'm an early bounder. I start pronking when no other springboks can see the lions. I see their heads from way, way off crouching in the grass. That's the Vault-Co blog in a nutshell.


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styrac1 said...

Those conspiracy nuts were right again. Actually I don't think the article even goes far enough. It's not the movie industry that submits the scripts for approval. It's the military/security apparatus that submits the scripts which then its propaganda Hollywood arm turns into films and just adds their names in the credits. The only difference with Stalin era Soviet union propaganda films is that the Russian films were of a much higher artistic quality and the filmakers were allowed greater creative freedom.

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Moggy said...

Dude, you predicted that they would start slandering coconut oil and you were right:

Texas Arcane said...


Coconut oil is a cheap miracle in a bottle and doctors can't have that. All their sugar pills put together won't do you as much good as a single bulletproof coffee in the morning.

Adam Timbermann said...

What other inventors wanted to use their inventions to help mankind? I just got onto a Buckminster Fuller study and got my brain working overtime. Who else is giving their creativity to the people to help gain independence from the SYSTEM?

I am looking at some land in the northern Midwest. Low population. Low taxes. Lots of trees. Been thinking about a geodesic dome frame covered with old carpet, sprinkled concrete to get a thin shell, then a heavier layer poured over top. A hoop house style greenhouse with geothermal heating/cooling and an insulated dirt berm backwall.

Still looking for a homesized steam generator system and a small diesel generator.