Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Why CD-OS Focuses On Local Networked, Closed Circuit IP Cameras

... because this.

IP Cameras are the easiest and most convenient sort of security camera to set up. Soon they will be incredibly cheap along with remote control for tilt and pan. (Already down to about $20 for basic unit)

The instant you connect an IP camera to the internet, all that ease of use and security vanishes. Anybody can tap these with a bit of hacking once they are on the same wire as you.

This is also why CD-OS has stuck to the IP4 local network paradigm with static addresses, no DNS and UDP discovery. If the user wants they can set all discovered networks to approval only, preventing anybody from communicating with the station who is not on the approved list of static IP addresses including all cameras.

In the far out scenario some raiders aboveground were able to tap your IP line outside the shelter, they still can't talk to anything for which they do not have approved acceptance from.

I have a provision for talking to other CD-OS users over the internet but it requires one station acting as a proxy so any damage will be localized. Ideally it will be one station talking to the internet which then provides proxy through optical. You could use the internet all you wanted from inside the shelter if necessary (checking news reports, email, etc.) right up to the moment of the blast without even having to worry about EMP.

All this and many other wonderful topics will be covered later this year in the first glorious episodes of Vault-Co on Youtube.


John Deer said...

hell yeah youtube vidz!!!

Sam said...

I'm not sure I understand. You can still use a wireless IP camera if you make it a local network????? Or MUST you use Ethernet straight wired???

A nice example of this I found while looking up the answer to the question I asked above is wireless IP cams that they didn't change the password from the standard that came with it. Somebody is streaming them from all over the world to a web site here. I read a story where a guy found these and saw that people had these things in their bedrooms and all over their houses. YIKES! I think they;re filtering those mostly but I don't see why because the people who do this on their own can still see them and no one will ever tell them they're streaming their private lives.

Ibn Nafis said...

Ibn Nafis said...