Sunday, June 11, 2017

Who Told You The Truth Ten Years Ago?

They swore they would never be autonomous.

I knew enough about the technology fifteen years ago that there was no way the logical progression of this automation could be abridged by any mere moral objections. Warfare is by it's very nature completely amoral.

Face it, only machines can fight machines. Your enemy is using them. If you don't you will find human reaction time and speed is just no match for their onboard systems.

Once made a little autonomous, your enemy makes them completely autonomous. You have to follow with same. Finally, machines are killing people because they were given the commission and the decision making capacity to do so. It is utterly inevitable.


Ave said...

The mass die-off is a quantitative matter. They will deploy a very large number of robots, small ones with little computing capacity (the size of your average smartphone, I guess, perhaps quite litteraly a smartphone).

This kind of hardware is not able to understand any of Asimov's laws. They will kill any human-sized target in their area (except maybe those with a life-saving emitter, who knows).

Ryan David G said...


KW Jackson said...

Entrepreneurial greed gives me cold comfort that these bots will be made of components produced by the lowest bidder. One good winter and they are all wrecked.

Phantasmagoria said...

And yet those fabulous autonomous cars keep on failing, big time. Sure human reaction time and speed are no match, what we do much better (up to now) is improvising.

Also i predict a great future for tactical EMP based weaponry (again, huge leap in tech needed). And as for robots used as weapons, nano is the future.