Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Real News On 8/6/2017

This is the only news worth reading if you want to anticipate future trends. Everything else on this page is just so much trivia in comparison.

Grand Minimum. Not a Maunder Minimum. A Grand Minimum Superstorm to signal the end of the Holocene in the next couple of years.

Everybody worried about the apocalypse but they are all looking in the wrong direction. Vault-Co and Robert Felix got it right 16 years ago. Everybody else you know is just flailing at the branches, that's the root of the matter above. The Grand Minimum is the catalyst for the Apocalypse Trifecta and people worried about fake nuclear tests by North Korea are completely off-topic.

Wish we saw more stuff like this on the internet. This is a .PDF link to a superb practical outline of some of the considerations everyone needs to contemplate to endure in a new Ice Age. Highly recommend it to people just starting to think about this topic.


Sam said...

Nice pdf link. Thanks

Ted Walther said...

Top kek. Love that 40 page PDF about prepping for the Little Ice Age. Think I'll make all my friends and family read it too.