Friday, June 16, 2017

Super Cuckistan Report

Sweden literally sounds like the seventh circle of Hell. It sounds like death would begin to seem a viable option compared to living, especially for women.

Civilizations are established to organize the protection of women and children, to keep them safer with the help of other males than any one male could do on their own. To protect them from invading hordes bent on rape and pillage. Once civilization becomes like Sweden, it isn't civilization at all anymore and males can consider the social contract broken. I would laugh at a Swedish policeman telling me to obey the law. If the law is designed to expedite the rape of my wife and daughter it doesn't apply to me anymore. I don't recognize any such "law" imposed on me. Those of you who think socialism is a good idea in any country don't know how it always ends in every country.

If you've been paying attention you will notice any society where "feminism" gets a foothold, women end up in rape camps whether they are pornography studios (for which they receive a small gratuity for their ordeal) or in rape camps in the streets. The more feminism, the less value each individual female life until their worth to society approaches zero. Luciferian ideology strips them of their sacred roles as wives, mothers and daughters and they become just hanging chunks of meat ... which is exactly what they are referred to by many of these newcomers. Somebody somewhere is interested in bringing hell to earth instead of the other way around.

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