Sunday, June 18, 2017

Shapeshifter Caught Shifting While Acting Shifty

Another Rachel Dolezal

Shaun King, chief organizer of black lives matter has been exposed.

Shaun King's father and mother were observant jewish. It is extremely likely that Shaun King has a CIA handler who has organized all the funding and organizational logic to start BLM as a "grass roots" movement.

This is identical to the exposure of nearly all the radical black groups being discovered to have been set up and funded by the CIA as well as being encouraged to commit violent crimes including murder. The black panthers was entirely funded by the CIA, who invented the fake history of the transatlantic slave trade and another fake history of Africa, creating a fake African culture that never existed of fake holidays, fake dress and fake customs. The Africans are always baffled when they see this stuff and any African will tell you that American blacks are not African. According to DNA as revealed recently on 60 Minutes in the U.S. all American blacks descended from slaves are drawn from South American black indians and surrounding island peoples from Polynesia and Dominican regions. None of them are African. There is no hard evidence to support any point of departure for the Dutch slave ships that docked at New York to sell their slaves but dozens of registers show these same ships as having docked in South America and Middle Americas.

The NAACP was run by white guys until the 1980s when they hired a few black men to sit up in front of the organization. Their initial funding and staffing was all from communists inside the United States who originally sat on their board and led the organization. Strangely enough, in 70 years the mass media never reported on any of this.

King is keeping it up, continuing to threaten violent action "on behalf of his race" and ordering BLM supporters to riot to "bring the struggle to the man."

King was able to obtain unbelievable advantages claiming to be black, including scholarships and financial assistance that is not available to poor whites anywhere.

King was originally claiming both parents to be black but as suspicions rose he switched to biracial and finally "beautifully complex" family history. Whatever that means.

Even black people finally wised up on this guy. Whatever he is.


Ave said...

Tex, there is amble documentation about the Atlantic Triangular Trade in France, and it did took people from Africa and transport them to the New World.

Texas Arcane said...


I used to believe in that stuff. I used to believe in a lot of stuff. No more.

Just hearing the descriptions of the slave ships bringing Africans over, you start to realize that logically this stuff doesn't make sense. The frequently depicted stacks of slaves on shelves and other explanations for the volumes involved don't make sense. Rather than frequent deliveries of small loads (the truth) they need to make it appear thousands per ship were brought over from Africa. It's all a hoax. It's as real as the Mars Rover.

Ave said...

The difficult part in my job is increasingly having to deal with magical thinking, as in "Illuminati are all-powerful and everything is connected to them".

Many room-temprerature IQ children and their similar parents find this very attractive because they don't have to do research and they don't have to process it.

In fact you're becoming on of these guys right now. We have very solid evidence of the slave trade and nothing of the theory you probably just made up because it suited your whim at the moment.

There are people who want to destroy History so they can masquerade as all-powerfull "immulinati" or whatever and rule over the masses. You're doing a great job helping them, for free.

Texas Arcane said...


A lot of it is from simply looking closely at something I have always accepted blindly. A lot of these tales disintegrate the instant light shines on them.

Do you really believe black Africans were transported across the Atlantic stacked in shelves?

Ave said...

@Tex re >>
"Do you really believe black Africans were transported across the Atlantic stacked in shelves?"

It's not because somebody told you something exxagerated or false about that event that then entire event is a fabrication.
It's not because Steven Spielberg made a superhero movie called "Saving Private Ryan" that the Battle of Normandie didn't took place.

If you look at the Marie-Séraphique in the following image, you will see that most of cargo space was alloted to foodstuff and water to keep the slaves alive.

FrankNorman said...

Hi. I don't pretend to know under what conditions they got to North America, or the Caribbean for that matter, but I know what a Negro looks like.
And there is no doubt that American "blacks" are Negroes.

Just because some of the accounts contain elements that make no sense does not refute everything in recorded history. Do you think John Newton (former slave-trader turned Abolitionist preacher) was part of some conspiracy to fake history?

Also of course, only a tiny fraction of the West African slave trade went to North America. The British Empire was bigger than that, even back then. Not to mention the French, the Spanish, the Portuguese, the Arabs, and so on.

Texas Arcane said...


... because you don't know that the black indians were the most populous native race in Middle and Northern America. You're thinking of Hollywood movies.

Around 2014 I discovered there was no "red man." That was a myth. There were only black men here. The reason you have never heard it is that everything possible has been done to hide it in history.

Else people would know where those slaves came from. Not Africa.

Midnight Avenue J said...

I went to high school with a bunch of white guys who look like, or enough like, Shaun King, witheir grease-stain moustachioes and saggy pants and ghetto-cum-university affected vocabulary.

Wigga please.

Nothing drives me up a wall faster than whites affecting third world butt hurt, dreadlocks, and sub-human speech patterns.

Separate countries are the reason we can coexist. I recently watched Moana with the kids. I love the movie. A glimps, small and superficial, into a culture not mine but fascinating. I sense the threads we all have, as humans...but we are separate threads, and expecting us to mesh and make it all beautiful and

FrankNorman said...

Tex - and all the people over there who claim to be of Red Indian descent, and look completely not like Negroes? Come on...
Dark-coloured skin, sure. Lots of different tropical peoples from different parts of the world have that. But one can tell a Dravidian Indian from a West African Negro very, very easily.

Look, are you seriously denying that there was any Atlantic slave-trading? Because you read some anti-White kook website by a black man who wants to claim that his race was everywhere first?

The North American tribes dying like flies from Smallpox - did the CIA invent that too?
The African kingdoms on the coast that got rich from selling prisoners they'd taken in war with other tribes to the Arabs, or to the Europeans, in exchange for guns?

I'm told that those who know what features to look for, can tell what part of Africa a given group of African-Americans came from. Some from the region of Nigeria, some from the Congo.

If you are that willing to declare accepted history as fake, how can you be so sure of your alternative version?

Ibn Nafis said...

Tex now that you say itn it makes sense since skin color is related to sunlight/UV levels and those in Sub-Saharan Africa and South America are nearly the same.

But then why aren't South & Middle Americas filled with American blacks today ?

Also "I discovered there was no "red man."" Aren't Neanderthals red men ? Or maybe pink-pale.

Ibn Nafis said...

Also I remember I've read in a book that they've found "Olmec" statues with typically black features. I do not know if it is related but I think the Olmecs were a people from South America or something like that.

Texas Arcane said...


You're going ad hominem because it is too big a shock.

I just want you to consider 4 things to get you started :

1. Do you think the Dutch Levis who dominated the slave trade were great sailors? They'd like you to think so. It's just another thing they stink at.

2. Why go across the sea to Africa when you could source slaves on the eastern coast of the Americas and label them as "African" when you docked in New York? Slavers are lazy. Fast short trips quick money stay in sight of land.

3. The biggest problem with African-Americans is they hardly have any African DNA and what they do have is likely a half million years old.

4. Since almost all indian tribes were offering black indians as slaves for sale in the Americas, where is the cost savings in sourcing them from Africa? They were cheaper in the Americas than in Africa in all overheads.

Texas Arcane said...


Trans-Atlantic slave trade was invented by Alex Haley plagiarizing another book which was itself poorly researched. Chinese whispers become canon.

Sam said...

"...Do you really believe black Africans were transported across the Atlantic stacked in shelves?..."

Maybe not shelves but yes they came from Africa.

I'm assuming Tex is being threatened as he's been saying stuff from time to time that is nonsense. Probably told to.

Texas Arcane said...


So if the countless drawings of these slave shelves and fake internal environment of these "trans-atlantic" ships all turned out to be fake, you are saying regardless the trans-atlantic was real?

Nobody is threatening me, I've been having numerous M. Night Shymalayan moments in the past three years and only started to mention them lately.

A lot of this stuff, the only part where I feel stupid is that I cannot believe I originally bought this crap when I was younger. Just an instant of thinking seriously about the subject and you realize how ridiculous it is.

I was just watching some astro-not footage of them clowning around on the moon. Christ, who screws around like that in a cotton suit where explosive decompression, direct solar rays and absolute zero cold is on the outside? Who could possibly be that reckless knowing it took billions of dollars to put them up there? They would not be doing any of that. I'd be moving like I was in a china shop at all times up there. These guys are leaping around, swinging tools at one another and falling towards sharp stakes in the ground. No way.

Texas Arcane said...


... and the evidence is now emerging beyond a fraction of a doubt it was Europeans who were everywhere first. Those black indian tribes outbred and murdered the Clovis and Solutrean people. All the people claimed to have died in slavery are the tinest fraction of people genocided by the black indians who were living here when whites arrived. There was likely a European presence here at least 100,000 years before the climate warmed up sufficiently to support other peoples.

Facial recognition software, when used on old photos and paintings of the black indians (which have been heavily suppressed) always identifies them as "African-American."

Texas Arcane said...


The real evidence says that Europeans were simply getting back what was theirs originally when they came over here, not "stealing" land from other people.

This is why the Out-Of-Africa myth is spread long, long after it is obviously a bold-faced lie. You can't find a continent on Earth where the facts don't prove Europeans were there first. Nobody finds artifacts at 5,000 years and earlier from Africans. Anywhere.

Ave said...


You're mixing everything up and making up "proof" as you go.

I guess this is your blog jumping the shark.

Maybe you want to renew your readership ? Maybe you're about to end it and have fun before you do ? Maybe it was a honeypot blog all along ?

Who knows ? In the end, who cares ? There are only so much hours in a day.

Sam said...

"...The real evidence says that Europeans were simply getting back what was theirs originally when they came over here, not "stealing" land from other people..."

I don't "know" this to be true but I have no problem with it. I know that there were humans in the Americas far before the time that is generally said that they were here. I do know for a fact that a large number of graves were found in a swamp almost perfectly preserved and they were Caucasians or at least had the same skull structure. I think they were 7,000 years old. Ok looked it up. Windover bog.

6280 B.C.

"...Those black indian tribes outbred and murdered the Clovis and Solutrean people..."

But I don't believe for a minute that the inhabitants of the Americas were Negros. Negros were bought from Africa to the Americas. I've never seen any evidence that Indians were Negros. Maybe some were dark skinned but, no, no. I have actually seen with my own eyes Red Men. I was driving across the country and stopped in Arizona to get some coffee. I learned that this little town was right at the beginnings of an Indian reservation and you wouldn't believe it there were a bunch of Indians walking around and they were RED. I mean they looked RED. I always thought it was an exaggeration but no, they were RED. Freaked me out. They were all dressed like Cowboys in white shirts, tight jeans and cowboy hats. The white shirts really set of their red complexion. I was astounded.

Aeoli Pera said...

If there is a mix of black Africans and black American Indians because confused as a demographic, then I bet there are behavioral markers we could use to distinguish them in the modern day. Unfortunately, we can't just find a couple and hand off a couple of hatchets and a bottle of Jack and see what happens, because black Indians might not have the same markers as red Indians. But...there will/would be something obviously different if we look for it.

cheddarman said...

off topic, however, Tex, i immediately thought of you when i saw "The palace of peace and something "

featured in the article

might as well call it the "palace of melonheads"

God laughs at mans' folly. This place will be a desert again, soon enough

Martin K said...

For f*cks sake.

You mean the National Archives were infiltrated by the CIA (and possibly aliens) in the 70s who had the most elaborate scam ever?

Texas Arcane said...

@Martin K

Absolutely and it wouldn't be the first time, either. They know you won't believe that is possible - but it is.

Did you see the scene in "Wags The Dog" where they inserted an old record in the archives about "Good Old Shoe" to support their story? That movie was not satire.