Friday, June 9, 2017

Russian Superweapons of WW3

Cranking them out like sausages.

The United States has a very advanced military for 1985 and is fully prepared to fight goat herders and falafal stands worldwide. Unfortunately they fell asleep for about 40 years and spectacular advances have taken place since they that they have not even come close to matching. Most of the really impressive designs are a result of stolen plans from U.S. think tanks back when they used to graduate real engineers.

Vault-Co got here before everybody else but we're still "crazy." You just can't win. All the smart money is going into vaults everywhere you look. There is the beginning of a culture of acceptance, one of the first signs of health in civil defense, when people realize you can laugh at what you are doing and still keep doing it.

Vladimir says itz coming.


Phantasmagoria said...

And that is only the tech deemed suitable to show the general public. A few years back i looked into booking a "edge of space" flight on a MiG-29, i think it was to about 20km alt. I thought it would be very educational to look into space with my own eyes instead of relying on Nasa's artist renditions. Of course the fact that a previous century piece of Russian tech was going to be used was a bonus. I always thought these guys were on top of things, weapon wise. Designed for actual and extensive use under harsh conditions, easy to maintain, resistant to storing it on a permafrost tundra for years and practical. Not a megalomanic showpiece, but something you can actually use to kill your enemies quickly and efficiently. I think it is unwise to make Russia angry.

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Kona Commuter said...

I should imagine serious health problems that belong to disaster zones and 3rd world communities are about to emerge