Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Poorly Deployed Cointel Hoax

Being used to sell the Russian hacking story by pretending to leak NSA information.

So badly staged. I am embarrassed for the morons who put this together. This is what happened to these branches when they failed to recruit people like me. They had to hire the next guys down the list ... actually, they probably hired the guys a couple hundred names down from the top of the list, which was almost certainly me. I guarantee you they had only a handful of 4-sigmas on that list, I was one of them and I wanted nothing to do with them. The problem with recruiting for evil is that people bright enough to be good minions might be bright enough to realize they don't want to serve evil causes. This is how they end up with clowns like Anderson Cooper. They have to staff from the list of also-rans and honorable mentions.


August said...

I don't think they meant this one to get out. It is too lame. Somebody wrote a plausible sounding script, and this girl thought it was legit, so she pushed it out. She didn't realize it was set to be leaked by others, in a piecemeal way, the way they've been stretching out this nonsense since the campaign.

Susan Rice admitted she was spying on Trump the whole time, back when she was worried someone was going to lock her up for leaking. She was trying to cover herself, saying she was just doing what she was supposed to. But she also inadvertently proved this is all a joke- the Trump campaign was vetted in real time by a hostile administration. So they had all this stuff that they knew lead nowhere and someone is leaking out the bits meant to look incriminating as possible.

This thing is probably chapter two or three. They already had narrative out there about Russian mobsters laundering money through the Trump campaign- which makes no sense, but some idiot was trying to float that recently. So, they find a slightly better writer, probably one who remembers we shouldn't be trusting these diebold boxes in the first place, but this loon thinks it is the real deal and tosses it out there all at once.

So they will be sputtering about trying to find something, but meanwhile, Putin has granted some interviews, and I suspect the result will be Putin's reputation will increase, and the MSM will go ever further down the toilet.

Phantasmagoria said...

Yeah, she is a winner allright. Kinda like Oswald conveniently posing with a Carcano rifle and Russian newspapers, Winner makes it easy with all her thousands of lefty social media posts and signed Anderson Cooper pic (Oswald was probably smarter though). Still you have to wonder what the exact goal of this exercise is. Who believes this shit is real?

styrac1 said...

Totally spot on, Tex.