Friday, June 2, 2017

Pesticides Far More Toxic To Human Biology Than Previously Thought

European Union rushes to suppress research showing their mandated pesticides are slow-kill genocidal death-dealing compounds.

Causes brain and testicle cells to shrink. Damages cell wall linings. Interferes with intracellular communications (precursor to cancers) and damages cell reproduction.

They will try to bury this one which shows you what their real agenda has been all along.

Do you remember in the original BATMAN (1989) with Michael Keaton how he discovered that it was not any one compound that was killing the public seemingly randomly but combinations of them inserted into their cosmetics by the Joker? Ritualistic programming. Revelation of the method.

Of course, since all food is made from foods grown with this stuff, it finds it's way onto all our tables, guaranteed.

Clean them out first before they are exterminated so they leave nothing behind to their children that could increase the survival advantages of their offspring. Encouraging liquification of all sheeple corpses so no land space is taken up by graves unnecessary for beasts shaped like men. Virtue signal even after death with an environmentally friendly green contribution to fertilizer!

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