Monday, June 19, 2017

Perfect Permaculture

My dream is to put something like this underground using red & blue LED lighting.

Also, the use of natural bamboo instead of PVC pipes.


Palve said...

hey tex came across this and figured it would interest you

nfoe said...

I have long wondered if hydroponics was a viable method producing food. I mostly see people growing watery foods like lettuces and tomatoes. Tasty vegetables, and fresh, but not exactly staple crops.

Sweet potatoes are the most productive vegetable one can possibly grow. Preserving the germplasm might appear to pose a problem at first, but I think that it is possible to set them in the ground outside somehow in such a way that they can take care of themselves for a few years. Something to think about.

I’ve had ordinary potatoes grow year after year underneath broadleaf trees with nearly no weeding or fertilisation. Ordinary potatoes are meant to accumulate viral disease below a certain altitude, but YMMV.

Both kinds of potato need K (potassium) to grow properly, and in the case of “taters," K is important for decreasing the incidence of late blight. K is leached quite easily in lighter soils, and as it is an essential fertiliser anyway, one should consider having a few bags of KCl lying around for a rainy day.

That being said, I’m always open to new ideas and innovations.

Sam said...

Here's what you need for fertilizer. Much better price than most hydro stuff and made by professionals who have real researchers. All their stuff has micro-nutrients which most feeds leave out. These guys have been in business forever but not under the same name. They were Jack's, I think, before and a big multi-National bought them out. They waited a little while, maybe non-compete agreement, then reopened as Peters. Same guys run it.

Use the two below combined. You have to balance the Nitrogen. The standard formula is a little hot on Nitrogen. Notice the massive amount of Calcium which most feeds miss.

If you want they will even test your water and perfectly balance your feed to the water.

You also need to stock up on hydrogen peroxide. It keeps algae down and provides a little Oxygen.

You might find this article on Neanderthals interesting...or not. Probably already read it but in case you haven't.

styrac1 said...