Friday, June 9, 2017

"Leadership" in 2017

Nancy Pelosi crying out desperately for 24 hour nursing

These people are "leading" Western civilization? No wonder it's such a train wreck.

More to the point, what does this say about the people doing the voting? The fault lies not with our stars but in ourselves. The tenth generation of any society is a biological train wreck who have completely run off the rails and this is reflected in their voting habits. They're so confused they will vote for somebody who is themselves confused like Pelosi. She's making sense to a lot of them.


Luke said...

I poured water for her once. She seemed cold, never said thank you or looked at any of the servers.

Texas Arcane said...


I've had brushes with these great people myself as a humble water boy and waiter. They are all the biggest bunch of bastards off-camera that could possibly be imagined.

I was serving Gene Shalit once at a restaurant. Every time I said something he sneered at me. Barbara Streisand never stopped sneering. It was just a permanent scowl. Bob Dole once made me wait beside him for ten minutes before I could simply hand him the check for the meal.

You meet these people in person and you realize why they need so desperately to be celebrities. They're evil bastards. They know it is better than getting a real day job.

Sam said...

I looked at the video and understand what Senator McCain was trying to say. He's asking why Clinton was cleared so fast while the investigation of Trump is still going on. I personally despise Senator McCain but I understand what he was getting at however mangled his way of doing it.

Most of these people are blackmailed by the Jews. Especially at the higher levels. Comey was a Clinton lap dog who quickly buried Hillary's email problems. I wonder what Trump got out of his office when he fired him?

I wonder what Trump is going to do. Sometimes I despair that he's nothing but another blackmailed Jew plant and then he does something that makes me think he is a real guy after all. I think he freaks out the deep State because I don't think they know what he's going to do either. It's possible that right after the election he was shown some blackmail material on him. Notice he started moving towards the establishment but later and recently he's moved away. Maybe he knows, as I do, that the whole bunch are rotten and if they try to take him down he now has enough information on them that he will take them with him. Kind of like MAD. So he has maybe not perfect leeway but a little more. The bust of underage sex traffickers has gone through the roof. He's rounding these people up in masses. The plan, if there is one, could be to round up all the low level they can find then triangulate to get the ones at the top. Once he has enough information, if Trump really is on the straight up and up, we may see some super aggressive moves to take the country back.