Sunday, June 4, 2017

Don't Believe What You Read On The Internet and Suspect Half The Crap You Read on Vault-Co

Apply your critical reasoning to everything. 

Billions are being spent on these armies of lurkers and cointelpro agents. Especially suspect the comments sections of anything on the internet on any issue that seems like it might accidentally reveal a little truth.

The internet is not the place you think it is or what it pretends to be. For every little rambling blog run by some halfwit like myself there are ten thousand sites with an agenda. Most of the spoofers on the internet are not concerned about what is good for you. They are paid to promote the interests of others.

If you'll think about it you will see this is an act of desperation. It's not a good sign for the NWO they have to pay half the planet to post gibberish to the internet each day. That's a losing strategy that cannot possibly win long term.

P.S. Wikipedia admits it works intensively with this group of people to edit all their content and suppress all edits by anybody else. They admitted it and said they were proud of it and anybody who doesn't like it shouldn't read Wikipedia. This extends so broadly you could not possibly imagine ... for example, to articles on K&R theory in anthropology. Google has admitted they communicate with Wikipedia and share strategies with them in the same way. There's a reason you cannot find "Vault-Co" on the larger search engines and the first entry that is always at the top of the list is the RationalWiki entry ridiculing both myself and this site for about ten years. That will be the first thing you see, it never changes. This is a lot of trouble to go to for a deranged crackpot who isn't lucid or making any sense according to these guys. A lot of trouble. Google seems to continuously edit their results to always keep me off it. Mind you, I never cared much but it tells you that the internet is not quite the free and open society you have been told it is.


Ave said...

Actually there are a lot of countries doing that, and also companies. I've been told many people in Hong Kong, being fluent in english, able to understand its subtleties and up to imitating regional accents, are specialized in it.

These companies not so successful in France *yet* because of the weirdness of their thought patterns, which is nothing like those used in France, and because french-speaking internet has such a small proportion. Yet, the mingling was quite obvious during the presidential election.

Also, there are more and more computers able to orient the content of the internet, in small diconnected posts (Twitter etc.). I guess their primary work is scouting : when a robot finds an inline discussion with specific content, it sends a notice to either a human operator or a better bot, who will then analyse it until it also has to activate a human.

I've witnessed several survivalist forums being destroyed this way. It was a systematic attack, leaving nothing to chance. Also, it often uses people with lower intellect because nobody with an education wants to do this horrendous job.

But there are also Quislings.

I remember what happened when Star Wars VII The Force Awakens got out : every critic on the internet and in the press praised it, even though it flaws and shortcomings were numerous and glaring. Rotten Tomatoes was at over 95% on it. Even independent film reviewers, vloggers etc. were unto it.

I guess Youtube made them an offer they couldn't refuse, after all Youtube is the paymaster to most of the people you watch videos from. Most of them wanted to retract their opinions, because credibility is their breadwinner, and changed them after a while but the damage was done.

Phantasmagoria said...

The PTB made a serious mistake when they allowed the internet to be used by the general public instead of just the military. It started innocent enough, with bulletin boards and discussion forums (Compuserve for example). I assume they did not see the potential (or danger from their perspective). Right now the internet basically cost them absolute control over the narrative, something they achieved through MSM. Of course they are trying to correct this, by censoring, biased search engines, Fake News, paid shills and so on. But the genie is out of the bottle.

August said...

Vox Day started because he was tired of all the SJW propaganda at Wikipedia.

Also, I don't think the enemy understands how the human mind picks up patterns. They sort of know how to encourage people not to do it- most 'leadership' training is brainwashing designed to get us to not recognize potential leaders and go with braindead political types instead- but they don't understand how we get on-line, read a ton of stuff, and then start to realize who the smart people are.

So they can't really counteract the pattern recognition. But this may be why they want such a dysgenic situation. These people who can't read faster than they talk, well, what happens to them? Especially if they are still watching T.V.

Dave Narby said... was created to replace Wikipedia. It looks like it's going to get it done, too.

Lots of alternates being brought online. Twitter being replaced by Gab, Facebook by Minds... People don't like being walled in.

This is why Theresa May brought up censoring the ENTIRE INTERNET. As if..!

KW Jackson said...

It seems that cradle-to-grave brand allegiance works better than a cash package for many reviewers. They automatically give praise to certain large franchises. Disney's strong NWO programming is also a dog-whistle to any and all SJW virtual-signallers that the better follow the Alpha.