Wednesday, June 14, 2017

CW2 : Human History Is Incredibly Boring

Because all it ever does is repeat. Humans never learn anything. The type of humans who constantly claim to be learning are the ones who never learn anything whatsoever about anything.

Whether a genuine political assassination or one ginned up by the State, it doesn't really matter.

This is the way these things begin. I can go back to the 1800's and show you similar clippings leading up to the Civil War.

This will end in tears. It's time. Tenth generation. The civilization starts to collapse now. You could set your watch.

One thing about the righteously indignant. They are always the most lawless, savage and violent people of them all ... even as they claim to have evolved beyond all that savagery and lawlessness. It won't be until most of the left is hiding under burned-out cars on the highway and eating barely cooked baby meat in a thunderstorm that they will finally figure out why these things were resolved by voting and why formerly people stood by the results. They preferred the democratic option to the latter. If everybody decided to start shooting because a vote went the wrong way you'd have the Congo, not Western civilization. The left doesn't know this right now because they don't know history and they are doomed to repeat it. They don't even know that. They know less than nothing about anything.

Humans are boring. I'd swear it on the Bible with my other hand in the air. They really, really are. They are monkeys trying to fake people and doing it extremely poorly. Anything the sane people manage to build up the first hundred years of a society, the vulgar mass pours in and destroys in the second hundred years. It only lasts long enough for the ruinous mob to get their boots on and go out and wreck it all.


A SImple Man said...

Brief, to the point and 100% accurate. Mad Max is around the corner. Thunderdome is going to suck for a lot of saps.

Kona Commuter said...

Who is going to control their nukes?

Gary said...

'...boiled or fried'.

Watch to the end:

Sam said...

There's rumors that Trump sent his personal Doctor to look in on Rep. Scalise so that he would not end up like Seth Rich. They first said he was good then said critical so when Trump sent his Doctor to investigate they couldn't pull a fast one.

There are rumors that Seth Rich was fine until a bunch of D.C. guards came in to the hospital and then the next thing you know he's dead.