Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Communist Squirrels Strike Again!

Something to laugh about. Too much dismal tide lately.

We have "bush babies" here in Victoria. They're so darn cute but the worst pests you can imagine. They come out and fight and raise hell at night. They like to leap around a lot after dark and see what sort of stuff they can steal. All God's creatures have a funny quality to them, can't help but think the Supreme Being designed them for his amusement. It is hard to hate any animal after you watch them a while when they think nobody's looking and marvel at how easy they take life. They seem to have fun no matter what they are doing.

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Steel T Post said...

Today the signs of squirrel world domination are everywhere: power stations sabotaged, innocent vactioners pummeled, pets savaged, food stores pillaged, homes invaded...