Sunday, June 11, 2017

Canned Meat On A Shoestring Budget

This was so amazing and so low budget I thought every survivalist could benefit from seeing it.

Meat is possibly the ultimate comfort food when you are hungry. A burger or two and you feel like you could do just about anything that needs doing. Wheat gruel and rice will only get you so far but real meat of some kind will put the fire back into you. The worst side-effect of hunger is that you feel like conserving energy and by conserving energy you are not getting hold of more food.


Sam said...

Good recipe. Of the gold standard in storing meat is Pemmican. Some say it can be stored indefinitely. I think this is only if you get every last bit of water out of it you can, use 50% by weight fat to cover the meat and store it away from oxygen. Maybe vacuum pack it. You can live off of Pemmican alone.

Ave said...

French SouthWest specialized in making grease-cooked poultry meat, generally duck or geese.

These cans are still good to go after decades of storage. AND they're absolutely delicious, with a very rich taste. Duck grease and goose grease is also recommended to cook other dishes with, very aromatic and succulent.

Talk about comfort food !,80673