Monday, June 5, 2017

Agenda 21 - Depopulating The Countryside, Forcing The People Into Metropolitan Camps

It is what is happening right now in America. They are well on their way to making it illegal to live outside the city walls. When you control the money supply you just flip a few switches and you can control millions of human beings and their futures.

Once in the cities they've got you right where they want you. They can shut down the food distribution system in a minute and anybody who resists starves to death. This has all happened before. It was called Bolshevism.


styrac1 said...

Putin: If the Deep State can kill JFK, they can also frame Russia for hacks

Ave said...

As a side hobby, JJ Abrams wants to destroy survivalism.

JJ Abrams basically took over an orphaned child (the original "The Cellar" movie) and prostituted it.

In the original movie, the survivalist turned out to be right, and thus benevolent. In the JJ Abrams alternate ending, he's a psycho rapist.

Nothing else to expect from someone who took the most respected franchises and turned them into bad soap operas, fit for early afternoon TV in some stinky favela.

The Brits tried to save the franchises from that man's toxic influence :
- Simon Pegg with Star Trek Beyond, which was so superior that JJ Abrams tried to destroy it with a very dishonest trailer, see Simon Pegg's reaction here : )
- Star Wars Rogue One is basically a british picture (british director, actors, studios...) and so much better than the TV dreck that was The Mary Sue Awakens

There's only so much the Brits can do, though. If they manage to keep the boat afloat, that evil spoilt brat is going to try and ram another iceberg with it.

Sam said...

I didn't know there was a different ending to 10-Cloverfield-Lane. I would have liked the original much better. I wasn't satisfied with the one they produced.

KW Jackson said...

A21 is about destroying Western civilization to implement the Kalergi plan worldwide. Ever wonder why they never define their terms in the document?