Monday, May 29, 2017

Well, there you have it.

Donald's a plant. Always was. Always meant to be. Donald said what he needed to say to get elected and get into office. After that, business as usual.

They're going to pour in now. Swamped. The country will be swamped.

Remember, when the official limit is set at 70,000 it usually ends up being around 700,000. There's nobody standing there in every state with a bean-counter clicking it each time a refugee walks in. They don't raise their hands at 70,000 and tell them to close the front door. It doesn't work like that. Will probably end up being a million two years from now.

She's done. She's finished. Kwanstainia is a write-off.

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cheddarman said...

There will be a civil war here in the USA, Tex, about the time the american bankster regime falls from power.