Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Pharaohs Were Same Breed As Sumerian God Kings - Eastern Mediterranean Caucasians

Widespread genetic study of Egypt's mummy pharaohs reveals they did not mix at all with genes outside the royal line, as discussed previously here on Vault-Co.

It's a big club, to paraphrase George Carlin. You get into the royal club with your genes. Once you're in, you stay in and only breed with other royal lines.

The unifying trait that all these different strains of royalty have are larger brain volumes contained inside melon shaped heads, early baldness, limited empathy, very high verbal intelligence and perhaps most important of all, a serpent like appearance in the face.

Sargons in the modern era. Most of them avoid side profile
photos for this very reason. This skull could sit alongside
the skulls from Malta and be indistinguishable from those
of the serpent priests.
Ordinary people have been taught since before they were able to walk that there is only one living species of men on the earth and we are all the same deep down. Their minds are no longer flexible enough to discard this paradigm in the face of conflicting evidence. Therefore when DNA proves that the melonhead line is in plain sight and radically different from the rest of us they decide that this means they must be aliens.

They weren't aliens. In fact, I no longer believe in the existence of aliens. They were men who were suffering from inbreeding with their own caste for too long.


FrankNorman said...

Hi Tex. From the looks of that skull, the part of the brain that would be hypertrophied would be the back part - the parietal lobes and the visual cortex. Maybe the cerebellum. I don't see how that would make them any smarter, since the frontal lobes are what matters for that.

Also - these African melonheads with the long skulls that look squished from the top, are obviously distinct from the cone-headed European ones. And there again - what matters is what's inside the skull. There might have not been any more brain than normal, but just larger internal cavities.

bicebicebice said...

Need thal%, even a shitty 23andme one would be better than nothing.

Wonder why they always leave that out.

Texas Arcane said...


This is why they will never be the problem solvers that Neanderthals are. You show me any descendants of Melonheads living today, they are the world's greatest conmen but can't solve a real problem to save their life. Their brains are superb at trickery and doubletalk but don't really compute otherwise. The exceptions do not disprove the rule.

Neanderthals are the best at thinking and always will be because they are the closest to a healthy whole person. Not being able to chuck a spear with deadly accuracy doesn't mean they are less mankind, it says they are closer to the original Adamic man. I seriously doubt Adam was much at spearchucking, gangrape and cannibalism and you wouldn't expect it to be so.