Saturday, May 13, 2017

Tarantella 2017

A wave of madness and violence that presages a widespread return to barbarism.

If you're injecting people with substances of any kind they don't want, you live in a horrific police state run by madmen. That doesn't happen in sane societies. Sane people don't advocate such policies and sane politicians would never consider them. The most profound violation of the rights of the individual is the violation of their body.

How crazy are modern people? Unbelievably crazy. Lights on, nobody is home. Shambling undead zombies, no wonder the "Walking Dead" is such a big hit on television. They've checked out mentally, most of them to parts unknown.

Heterosexuality was invented by the Nazis. I knew that bastard Hitler was behind it somehow! It didn't even exist before 1868! Read the article, man! You're talking crazy-talk! People like you are the reason we need change!

When Western civilization gets this bad I only got one thing left to say to all loyal Vault-Co readers ...

Does anybody know where I buy bulk crazy pills factory direct in 50 gallon drums? If it will make me stop hearing and seeing sh*t like this I want to take them,


Ave said...

About the BBC article :

Historically there is something about establishing such a thing as a sexual identity in the 19th century, but either the author has made a terrible job of conveying that idea or he works for the same people that allowed Macron, a boy raped at age 15 by his teacher and forced to mary her, to become a role model as a president of France.

This is what the novel "1984" was all about : if you tell the obvious and the evident you will be jailed and tortured. If you work for ESxJs you know what I mean.

In the end, survivalists are the real resistance because they can maintain an alternative system to the Global Scam, even if it's nothinfg more than a "seed" buried deep underground, ready to sprout once the Mass Extinction Event is over. All others are poseurs just like the punks and the Molon Labe crowd.

Texas Arcane said...


100%. How can you maintain your own freedom or opinions when they control your food, shelter and security? You can't. As the only person capable of maintaining their own existence independently the survivalist is also the only person who can ever be free.

Sam said...

I scanned the article on sexual identity and saw,"...According to Freud..."

and immediately stopped as anything that monstrous Jew fraud says is suspect. These people are completely out of their minds.

The only good thing about homosexuals marriage is that if it is a genetic condition we soon see it bred out of existence because they don't have children.

I suspect that homosexuality is tied to some desirable trait that sometimes glitches and turns out a homo. The times that it glitches is much less than the times it is desirable so it stays.

Ave said...

Hi Tex,

All jokes and insistance aside I really think CD-OS is going to be available some day.

So I told myself I would start to accumulate hardware and possibly experience about it, and compile this into some some of starter's manual. I will not publish this anywhere, and I'll send you what I have written so you can include it in the package if you want to.

It would be my contribution on the project : since I'll do it for me, I might as well do it for everybody. I'm a layman in electronics, so the idea is that I may be able to explain it to another layman if I manage to get it right.

First set of questions, about hardware/CANBUS. I'm working towards using CD-OS as a sensor station (temperature, humidity, radioactivity, CO2 & O2 concentration for instance)
1. How can I connect CANBUS components to a PC ?
2. What CANBUS components can you recommend ?
3. What usefull CANBUS components could one get from the car scrapyard ? (Not necessarily sensors, but also and perhaps mainly connectors, wires etc.)

Cheers :)

Alan Gould said...

Here's another one; they're working on a Matrix for 'chickens'

Ryan David G said...


Ibn Nafis said...

"For the first two years I was talking to two kids per week who were suicidal," he says. "Eventually my work suffered. I'd be talking to my boss and I'd say ‘hold on a minute, this kid needs me.'"

Edward said...

It's not nearly as complicated as people seem to make out. LGBT seems to be down to plain epigenetics.
The more older brothers a boy has the more likely they are to be queer. The older the parents at conception the more likely someone is to be queer. The more masculine the mother the more feminine the sons and the more masculine the daughters and so forth.

People look at this backwards thinking it is genetic, and thus subject to some kind of evolutionary pressure. If homosexuals don't reproduce why do the 'genes for homosexuality' seem to always survive, etc?

Because it's not a genetic defect, it's just a misfire in the normal sexual dimorphic structural development of the brain, which is controlled differential gene expression driven by hormone levels in utero, it's basically just the same set of genes that allow 'normal' sexual dimorphism of behaviour to develop, under slightly different environmental conditions, so you can't just eliminate it from the gene pool without eliminating heterosexual behaviour at the same time, which would be bad, coz without that we'd all just sit around wondering what we are supposed to be doing with our lives.

Late stage civilisation produce more of it because civilistional complexity encourages later parenting. Instead of being ~16-20 years apart the generations spread to an average of ~25-30 years apart or even now up to ~40 years apart after feminism and contraception and IVF etc. It's in a woman's self-interest to leave any potential pregnancy as late as possible, but it's not in the best interest of the future child.
Good for people to have established careers and so forth, bad for producing more straight/healthy children.

The more LGBT people, the more science, art and creativity, and growing left-wing political bias, the faster civilisation becomes that much more complex, so it's a self-accelerating feedback cycle.

End result, well like the romans figured out, you can only grow a human empire so big and so fast before it collapses into sexual debauchery.

You want less LGBT or ASD going into the next generation? Don't force current LGBT to try to act straight and then pair up and get each other pregnant. So yeah, let them just marry each other, but it's not for genetic reasons.

KW Jackson said...

Calhoun and Universe-25 come to mind. "Behavioural Sinks" and "Collective Mouse Minds" for well... hominids of various stripes.