Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Space-X Is A Circle Jerk Joke

Former Marine immediately spotted fake science, fake rocket testing and fake everything. Reported it to his superiors and was summarily terminated. Most people understand instinctively nowadays that you are not required to do your actual job. Don't you think they might be concerned if the rocket "tests" showed the engines were garbage and didn't work?  Nah, terminated the employee for doing his job. Besides, they knew it would "work" in advance since it was just crappy CGI.

Yet they claim this thing backed down onto a launch pad and landed on it's own fins from orbit while infomercial actors applauded.

If you believe this junk you should have somebody clean out your chimney for Christmas to make sure Santa doesn't get stuck in there with the Easter Bunny and Bigfoot.

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Ave said...

Oh yes this is a Theranos-level scam right here.

The CGI was not bad as such, only I would have expected a Call Of Duty Player Character to erupt on the scene at any moment. Back when I was doing stuff with 3D Studio there were plug-ins like Dirty Reyes with which one could add dirt, specks etc. on the 3D models.

Even on the sea, more things happen when it's really dead, than here.

(BTW, since I'm talking about my 3D stuff , the online RPG thread from 2002 that is very much like "The Road" is back online :

It's in french, but those fluent in French can see the parallels.
The game I made can be seen here : )