Friday, May 26, 2017

Severe Advanced Dementia, Clinical Brain Damage and Complete Paralysis Does Not Disqualify You For Political Leadership

Nancy Pelosi is always a circus whenever she speaks publicly. Learn to recognize early onset Alzenheimers and other neurological diseases.

Hillary is barely coherent and still gives speech to the graduating class at Wellesley. Nobody is more devoted to truth and reason than the dragon lady who imported half the crack in America at Mena airport in Arkansaw and threatened a couple hundred women with death for reporting their rape at the hands of her husband. She's one of the good guys, too. They should bury her beside Brishinkaslicenheinie. I'd like to strap both these assholes to the hood of my Gamma Goat because road bandits have been shooting through my logs and I heard the human body is a better bullet sponge. Man I miss that Gamma Goat. There will never be a happier day than when I get my post-apocalyptic Landmaster. I already know what I am going to call it.

The media is trying to give us all brain damage like our "leadership." The media rots your brain until your critical faculties dissolve and you believe what the media tells you.

Not far from here there is a desert in Victoria that looks fairly similar to the terrain in Damnation Alley. I can't wait to take my new revamped Gamma Goat for a road test in there after all these years. Her sister is sitting on the bottom of the Euphrates. The next one will be waterproof. I'm definitely living in the right country to drive a goat in the Apocalypse.

Next Gamma Goat will be bulletproof and indestructible and will ride forever.
Remember run towards the goat, not away if you see killer cockroaches. 

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