Friday, May 26, 2017

Microsoft Confirms Horror Dystopia Police State

Wikileaks provided the documentation and Microsoft has had an attack of conscience and issued what amounts to a complete confession.

If you ever wonder why on Earth I have been going on for a decade about DOS 32 bit Causeway and 20 year old versions of Windows NT or Win 98, this is the reason why. I don't consider CD-OS to be complete until it runs and builds on a barebones skeletal framework. A computer with no room to hide anything in the rivers of gigabytes they claim to need in resources. This can also be accomplished with a barebones installation of Linux, Minix or RTOS. Just what is needed for an underground fortress to run forever doing what it is supposed to do without ever trying to dial an outside number, if you know what I mean.


Ave said...

Hahaha !


BTW, I experimented with two old Android smartphones from 2011, turning them into mini tablets without SIM cards. It works very well, and you can't beat the price, for 25 € I have a fully functional computer with screen and interface (keyboard + mouse) that will run on a solar charger or a 12VDC battery (though a cigarette lighter USB adaptator). I have yet to experiment with microusb adaptators to use regular USB sticks with it (the dual USB sticks are still somewhat expensive).

They run on Android 2.1 OS, so I had to search for quite some time for compatible apps, and how to extract APK files. My software suite is :
- Total Commander (file management, very important)
- Jota text editor (for inventory I ditched any Excel sheet capoability, I'll edit a text list instead)
- an ePUB reader ( Nomad Reader )
- a Talkie Walkie app (made by ACES Android Development - Bahia Blanca -Argentina) for local texting - I can't get the talkie function to work)

I used "MyBackup" on my regular Android phone to convert the apps Google Play installed to it into APK files, some other APKs were downloaded as such from shady internet sites. Now I have an install disk. First you'll have to use the inbuilt browser to intall Total Commander (rename the file to something short like totalco.apk since you'll have to type " file:///sdcard/totalco.apk " to install this. Once this is installed you'll just have to clik on the other apps to install.

I think the key argument in favor of the smartphone solution is that it doesn't require knowledge of coding, it is quite easy to use and configure. Also, the Bluetooth networking options are very simple to configure and use, albeit with limitations.

For that reason I will not venture in Raspberry Pi territory any further, the one I have being next to unsaleable, I will keep it for barter after the CyberApocalypse changed the landscape on hardware.

The downside of the smartphone solution is that one can't run external devices such as external hard drives, let alone CANBUS components. For this I would still something like a laptop computer or an old Pentium II with SSD hard drives (to save on energy consumption).

What I expect from CD-OS is a geiger counter & CO-CO2 detector with an alarm function.

Ave said...

To add to my small article :
- the screens are 320x480, so I use a 5€ plastic fresnel lens hand-sized, not credit-card sized) to read the ePub books.
- in the software suite , there is also the A8 player video player, that is choosy regarding the files it wants to read. Together with the in-built video reader I could read most video files like "Threads" or "Protect & Survive" :)

Texas Arcane said...


Brilliant stuff! Could you put up a small page documenting what you did so I could link to it from Vault-Co! That's amazing stuff, nearly everyone has an old smart phone.

This would be worth putting a build in GCC for Android kit into CD-OS, other than thin clients it sounds like the cheapest possible way to acquire and mount a computer system.

Did you use bluetooth for the keyboard and display? I'd love to see pictures of that!

Maybe if we made it a standard configuration for Android OS, somebody would come up with a way to use an interface to a hardware protocol like Modbus or CANBus with it!

Texas Arcane said...


I actually believe there are already some compile defines in CD-OS from some of my cross-platform libraries including the Civetweb fork I am working from!

Ave said...

>> "Did you use bluetooth for the keyboard and display? I'd love to see pictures of that!"

The keyboard and mouse interface I was refering to were those integrated into the device itself. It's not great but it works :)

I'm afraid I'm unable to do anything beyond what an average user can do, but it's OK since I approach this from a newbie perspective, like most people are.

My views on survivalist specifications are detailed here :
- The BIC approach (as in, BIC lighters and disposable razors)

- The No-Skill Approach (I'll rename it "Zero-Skill Approach" so it shortens into ZSA and not NSA, I wouldn't offend all these wonderful people who work so hard to keep us safe 24/7)

Kona Commuter said...

Hi Ave

I read the comments with great interest without looking at the name. Then when you mentioned BIC and the No Skill Approach I thought someone was stealing your stuff.

Yeah I'm a Bison Minion but don't use this name over there ;-)

Sam said...

That link

is a good one and a good philosophy. I have a couple big boxes of kitchen matches and a ten pack of bic lighters stored away. Don't forget to get some of those long lighters used for grills. I have a few of those. I need more.

This idea of quality "middle" ranked products is what I always aim for in most stuff. I upgrade my computer every now and then and I always buy a generation and a half back in capability. I don't notice the difference as it's a leap forward for me and I don't play games so cheap video is fine for me.

Here's a case where buying the cheapest works. Let me tell you guys about a killer deal on survival supplies. Look at ebay "Squeeze Dynamo Flashlight 3 Bright LED Lights Emergency Survival". Here's one link

Here's an Amazon link.

I saw these as I'm constantly looking for stuff like this every so often. I found these and bought three to test for a dollar. Wow. They're great so I bought 15 more. All worked. They seem to have some kind of energy storage in them so you don't have to constantly crank. Capacitor maybe??? I got them for a dollar each including free shipping. They're already doubling and higher in price. They're well worth the price at even double. I jeep them all over the place. You always have a flashlight handy. I really should have bought about 30 more when they were a dollar.

To make sure you understand I also have a expensive ($30)tiny Fennix AAA one cell flashlight I carry at all times. Puts out a huge amount of light with three levels but the cheap ones are great for back ups and require no batteries.

On the computer front. Ave's setup is great. I think computers are going to move to a phone that you can dock with a dock. My brother just got a Samsung that has a dock that you can hook a big screen(4K supposedly) and a keyboard to. I bet in the future the dock will have extra processing power in the dock as most operating systems are becoming more multi-tasking and multi-threaded and a hard drive. So the phone size is good enough for carry around and you have more power and memory for the desktop with one carry around device.

Kona Commuter said...

My money says Vault-co will be one of the survivors ;-)

Mex Arcane said...

Sam: I bought a couple of those back around 2006. They are nifty but the problem with them is the build quality of the plastic case - the squeeze mechanism breaks after a bit of use. You'll soon see what I mean ;)
If someone found a way to harden those, they'd be perfect.