Thursday, May 25, 2017

Fakiest Fake Ever Of All Time Fake Crisis Drill Baloney

I almost couldn't be bothered to post on this subject because it is so pathetic. It barely warrants a response. Only a planet raised on fluoride would fall for this drivel. It was truly ridiculous.

Any doubts I had about any of the attacks in Europe are solid now. I no longer believe any of them have ever been real.


bicebicebice said... they don't need to fake anything anymore it just conveniently happens (if you set it up that way but lets never mention that).

Please release your game Tex I would like to play it very much before I get bombed or run over.

Gary said...

I've watched quite a few of the youtube videos on this subject, clearly a fake attack: no building damage; lights still working; fake profiles of the victims (2 already disproved); crisis actors (bad job mostly).

It's so obvious. And yet, those on the alt-right are blind to it, which makes you realise that the likes of Vox Day isn't as smart as he thinks he is. Or, he's in on the plan to incite the nationalism all over the West. He's good at that, and yet he moved to Italy from the US. I wonder if he's a Catholic, that would figure.

Anyway, it's all very predictable where this leads, and who is pulling the strings as always.