Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Deniers Out In Force At Thal Migration Ironclad Evidence

The New York Times writes an entire article designed to guide people away from the easiest conclusion ... Neanderthals colonized North America over 130,000 years ago.

They throw every sort of disclaimer and hope something will stick.

Facts are stubborn things.

Thirty years ago, suggesting the artifacts dated at 25,000 years in many States were produced by human beings was regarded as crazy talk. This week's crazy talk will be next week's new orthodoxy and then they will all pitch their tents around it to guard it against anything but cliches.

That's right. I've been called insane a million times
since the day I was born. Turns out, I was not crazy.
I was right.
That's not crazy conjecture I've been publishing for the past 16 years. That's scientific fact and I simply read the original evidence decades before they informed the public. Do I get an official apology signed by Eric Trinkhaus?

They were here before you Dr. Zaius ... and they were better than you. They were the original Adamic people and they were genocided, gangraped and cannibalized by Homo Sapiens ancestors. They are the only thing standing between Sapiens and the animals. No other race has shown so much evidence of being blessed with God's commandments in their hearts. No other race has so resembled Abel. Nor has any other race than Sapiens so resembled Cain. If you think you know what a Neanderthal is and you have been told the truth by your "scientists," ask yourself why they never told you that nearly all Neanderthal skulls have been found with herding whistles called "hyrules" in their mouths when they were killed ... and why were you never told that the campfires of Cro-Magnons are always filled with the bones of Neanderthals? They knew both of these things one hundred years ago and did not omit these details by accident. Go down to this page on the left side and see "Everything you know is wrong," what has been the top link for years. Ask yourself how many other links there are correct? 


August said...

Ave said...

Yeah that Telegraph article has a smiling gorilla-like creature, while we know the reality looked like this :

Ave said...

(Greek singer&musician Demis Roussos )

bicebicebice said...

Delet this blogg right now.

Regards Homo "ooga booga" Sapienson

Ibn Nafis said...

Tex if Neanderthals were blessed with God's commandments why did he do so they got exterminated and their women gangraped ?

Maybe if they just got attacked and suffered some losses I would understand it as one of God's tribulations. But here, they got totally exterminated, enslaved, humiliated, and their genes assimilated and stolen by gang rape. Did they begin practicing idolatry ? Did they stop following God's commandments or something, or commit a severe widespread sin like in Sodom & Ghomorrah ? What is your stance on this ?

Gary said...

Hmmm, well well well...

Texas Arcane said...

@Ibn Nafis

I suspect they incurred the wrath of God.

Ave said...

@ Tex

From "Vampires in Brooklyn" : Evil Is Good

In the Neanderthal Vs Sapeins theory, an interesting aspect is how the Neanderthal's dreams come to life, but due to Sapien's influence, either in a perverted way or become perverted in the project lifetime. There is a morality lesson here for the Neanderthal to learn.

Without the Sapein's wretchedness, Neanderthal would not have grasped how "Hell is paved with good intentions" (French saying).

Edward said...

Erm, don't the Neanderthals rather predate God? I mean, he's only supposed to have become really interventionist when he first sent the flood and killed all but one family, and then got more personally involved with directing Abraham and so forth ~6000 years ago, and the commandments themselves were only handed down to Moses after the whole Exodus-From-Egypt thing some hundreds of years later, so God didn't punish the Neanderthals >40,000 years ago for not following the commandments that he only invented and gave to the Jews ~5,500 years ago.

I mean, this stuff has to make some kind of sense doesn't it?
If you claim to believe in the Bible at all.

Texas Arcane said...


We see darkly through a glass now.