Monday, May 29, 2017

Contributing More Coral Reef Starters For WW3

Trump is guaranteeing that America will be able to fight and win in WW2. Unfortunately this is WW3 approaching.

Drones VS naval carriers = Rich Coral Gardens Offshore.

Don't let anybody fool you. They'll never get traversal rates of guns to ever be fast enough to hit drones traveling at supersonic speeds. As in, ever. The gun will always be firing at where the drone used to be, not where it is now. Meanwhile the drone is already launching it's own weapons. Naval carriers were grand for many years but their day is over. Future improvements in drone reaction, agility and speed will assure that only drones can be used against drones. Floating islands with people on them in funny outfits are just sitting ducks in this arena.

The day of human piloted weapon systems is rapidly coming to an end. You will give the drone a mission and it will figure out how best to carry it out. The drone will be the pilot that reacts in milliseconds and engages in avoidance and evasive maneuvers before the home base even gets the message that it is under attack. It will do it's own navigation, calculate it's own approach and use it's on-board weapons without ever asking the humans for permission. The remote operator will assign the mission and perhaps will relay the go signal when it has reached the target but everything in between will be a supercomputer thinking in nanoseconds.

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riverrider said...

gotta get the drones there somehow. as yet, no in flight refueling drones.