Friday, May 26, 2017

Call The Garbageman - We Need A Curbside Pickup

NWO stooge shuffles off this mortal coil to meet with the Creator that he claims doesn't exist.

This guy was one of the original fake good guys faking it with other fake good guys pretending to be good guys fighting other fakes. All of them natural born children of the devil.

He died in a warm bed but never saw a war he wouldn't send other people to die in just like all these other cowards. They're the world's toughest men who die of old age and sip mint cappuccinos. I can assure you I never spoke one word in favor of war in my whole life like the non-stop armchair general gibberish that poured from this guy's mouth 24 hours a day. I did more real close-quarters small arms fighting than Alphabet Briziskashap ever saw on cable television and nobody ever gave me a medal. Do you know who actually fights all these wars in reality these Rambos advocate? Poor lower class semi-autistic forgotten young males from broken single mother homes just like me. None of these cowards was ever punched in the face in his adult life. They take the accolades but it is dirty grunt soldiers like me who drive the Gamma Goats and strap logs on the hood to protect our faces from bullet richochet because these cheap bastards won't even authorise a new windscreen to us from the Quartermaster after the old one got shot out. A curse on your crypto-commie ass, Brishinskashlip. If I find out where they buried you I will pay you a visit someday and piss on your grave. I got your domino theory and empire overreach and pax Americana right here.

Not a single one of these "great men" is worth sh*t off the boots of your favorite Uncle and that's the truest thing I ever posted to Vault-Co.

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mobius wolf said...

Cherry absorbs the most lead without splitting. Softwoods aren't worth lifting.