Sunday, May 21, 2017

Australians Trust The Foxes To Guard The Henhouse

Belief in the State's moral infallibility is stronger now than it was for the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages.

Remember - if the government does it, it can't be wrong!

Australians put more faith in the State than they put in their own parents. The State is the Mother, The Father and the Holy Ghost in Australia. Despite two centuries of evidence to the contrary, they always believe the solutions to their problems are just one more piece of legislation away. No matter how many times they fail to fix anything as they assured the population they would they do not lose their divine authority. Similar to the dictators of North Korea except with even more superpowers like impregnating virgins with smiles.


cheddarman said...

Tex, did you see that the doomsday seed vault in Norway flooded? The melonhead project leader must have farmed the vault design and building out to an India corporation

cheddarman said...

That flooding seed vault is just more proof there is a God and he loves Texas Arcane

Gary said...

Same in the UK.
Read the story of Charlie Gard, a sick baby, the state will murder him shortly, despite his parents having raised £1.3m to fly him to the US for treatment. A court has decided he is better off dying with dignity. Fucking lawyers.

I fear God will only take so much of this nonsense, and then will unleash some justice on nations that turn away from Him. The sooner the better.

On a separate topic, the days of the *free* internet are drawing to a close.
If the Thal community wants to stay in touch, it'll need to find a way to do so away from the soon-to-be censored internet. One day, everything at this fine blog will vanish, never to be seen again, so I hope Tex has a hard copy. They are gearing up for the next stage of humanism, and Christian Thal nerds will be top of the list for extermination. Perhaps we ought to launch our master plan sooner rather than later, you know the one, kill all the....