Thursday, May 11, 2017

Anonymous Group Predicting WW3

It's all very similar to the buildup of WW1, when the worst weapon that they had in artillery was the cannonade. These fired balls that were occasionally caught by soldiers in trench wars. World War One was a girl scout singalong compared to WW3. We got a hint of what future wars would be like with the first awkward uses of chlorine and mustard gas. There have been massive advances in chemical compounds since then - even the ones I studied in NBC school are considered vintage retro warfare nowadays.

Somebody was telling me a few years back about an aerosol they thought could be sprayed by airplanes which would linger as a sticky resin for decades afterwards - offgassing cyanide fumes every time the temperature rose and the Sun came out. Radiation and fallout seem tame in comparison. Then of course biological agents whispered about that appear to be weaponized rabies. Plenty of fun when ITZ gitz here - spin the wheel and pick your poison.

I always envisioned me going on scavenger runs with a full bubble helmet which I have yet to buy but plan to acquire this year. Something similar to some of the suits in STALKER : SHADOW OF CHERNOBYL.


August said...

Don't have to worry about that resin. It's going to be cold:

Ave said...

The problem with depopulation is the "growback" or repopulation. Even if your soap kills 99,9999999% of all bacteries, the few that will remain will colonize everything back again.

Technical-based solutions are not that great, because they do not spread evenly, unless it destroys the planetary life support system. If the elites go that far they will experience unspeakable terror every time the AC in their super bunkers starts to fail (like it always does in their super skyscrapers...)

The other way to destroy repopulation is to break people permanently. The demographic catastrophy in the Western World is a good example of selective depopulation, not by hunger but by abundance. But then, there are always newcomers to replace them, and also people who didn't get the memo about how they should not procreate and start gender swapping or something.

If you really want to be sure, you don't drop a nuke from orbit. You make sure that every human is a nightmare to every other human being.

Hunger and despair might do that. Once friendly neighbours doing the worst excesses in torture to extract an hypothical location of a stash with three cans of fava in it. Women prostituting themselves (and their children and whoever else) just to live another day etc.

The people in shitty countries where this happens know there are other places somewhere where life still goes on. In a true depopulation sequence everybody will think that all hope is lost, and then they get in high George-Calhoun-levels of PTSD that it will prevent them from reproducing ever again.

styrac1 said...

Fagonymous "predicting" something is the surest way to know it will never happen. You can now sell you bunker and dedicate your time to something more worthwhile and productive.

Phantasmagoria said...

Chemicals, toxins and radiation are stone age. Protection is possible, at least to a degree. Today, i would not rule out the existence of weaponized nano bot technology. Forget those robots featured in several videos aimed at the general public, featuring almost comical, terminator styled life size metal boxes armed with machine guns. At least you can see those. A 21st century weapon of mass destruction would be grey goo. The term implies "out of control" but who knows how far 'science' has advanced.

Texas Arcane said...


Saved by the Ice Age again!

Ave said...

Hi Tex, here's a technical question.

Following the "WannaCry" cyberattack yesterday, I examined my backup setup for continuing to use electronic files.

I was asking myself if instead of my old PC I shouldn't buy some old smartphones for 40 € (running on Android) and have an equivalent of Excel (Google Sheets ?) running on them. They would use a deactivated SIM card but run on "Airplane mode" anyway.

Communications between devices could take place through microUSB sticks (no Bluetooth - never paranoid enough - and of course no internet)

It would be quite easy to set up, to use. Te hardware would be common and the energy requirements low (charging from solar USB battery, for instance).

People could even still watch the movie files they have downloaded.

To complete the setup I would use one of my old PCs to access the hard drive and load the USB sticks with files there.

what do you think of that setup ? Any hidden risks ?


Ave (AKA Solsys)

Texas Arcane said...


No! It is a cool idea because they are ubiquitous and dirt cheap, people throw away piles of them. I have been thinking about this same idea myself lately because I currently am working on a contract programming an Android device! What would be interesting is to see if somebody could port CD-OS to the Android device using a GCC compiler.

Amongst other things, as a portable device it is very convenient to use on inventory and barcoding! I would bet that CD-OS would run on this environment since Android GCC now has a POSIX library.

One thing, I would pull out the Sim card and disconnect the internal antenna to protect them from EMP. Otherwise, a great portable cheap computer.

Ave said...

@ Tex

Great news ! I will venture into experimenting next week.

Removing the antenna is a good idea. Regarding the SIM card I always though these devices would throw a temper tantrum if they are unable to find one. If I can find a really cheap smartphones I will test these hardware issues on it.

I still have a Palm Pilot Tungesten E in a cardboard box inside a tin box (for scandinavian biscuits LOL) as EMP-proof storage. It has a version of Excel running on it, but if I remember well, the ergnomics is not so good. Any ideas of what I could do with it now ?

Texas Arcane said...


I got a palm pilot out in the garage in my box of "target" systems I want to run CD-OS on some day! The reason I think it is doable is because of this open source project, a mini Linux running on Palm Pilot:

Ave said...

@ Ok thanks :)

That said, I don't think many people still have Palm Pilots in 2017.

After the apocalypse, people will use whatever is still somewhat running.

KW Jackson said...

Do you still think Melbourne is the best city to have a bunker?