Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Alex Jones Is On His Way Out

Jones is even faker than Donald Trump. As usual both of them reference each other in a circle jerk to enhance one another's credibility.

This paragon was seeing a hooker he ended up marrying. It's one thing to get a divorce if your marriage is bad enough but no man who meant any of that moral outrage would cheat on his wife with an escort and end up marrying her. The man is a pig, that's just not something that a person with any honor or empathy does. I'm only talking about the juicy stuff to get you to look at the link, the other 99% is all there to confirm that Jones is a CIA plant designed to manage the opposition. I always had my suspicions but this is absolute confirmation. His family tree looks like half the underground parking spaces at Langley, Virginia.

I am going to be more skeptical in the future of anyone who is not named Jesus Christ. All these bastards are dirty, lowdown ratbags simply saying whatever they think will go over best with the public this week. Alex Jones is laughing all the way to the bank at millions of patriots who think he is legit. Him and his vitamin store. What a thug. I can see now why so many people think he is Bill Hicks. How much you want to bet that escort was recommended by a "friend?" I guarantee you she is a Mossad asset so they can keep a very close watch on the guy at all times. Stick to the narrative.


Ave said...

One of his vitamins contains "bone broth", which made me laugh because in my book "Glasses & Pulleys", in the chapter 60 (published december 2013) this is how a surviving community forced into cannibalism calls second-rate food (made out of bones, neural system etc.) destined for the old people, since it might give them the Creuzfeld-Jacob disease.

Maybe that guy wrote my book (fat chance) (whole book here : ) and if he did, basically he gave his "food supplements" the name of dangerous leftovers made out of people, and giggles every time a naive customer gobbles it down.

JeffreyJerpp said...

Sorry Tex, but you are way off base here. Way off base.

Alex Jones might be gluttonous, lusty, irascible, manic, etc. None of this is particularly surprising, or frankly even that worrisome to me in terms of his credibility.

A NWO shill would simply NEVER do the things he does on a regular basis. Not in a million years. Look at the contrast between Jones and someone who is truly unreliable, like Glenn Beck. Beck distracts from major issues, confuses his audience, and misleads and discredits otherwise right thinking people.

What about Jones?

Constantly screaming, at the top of his lungs, about the dangers of vaccination, the NWO, WW3, 9/11, financial market manipulation, George Soros, the list goes on. If it turns out this material is commercially viable, and he has profited handsomely from red pilling several million people, that is a REALLY GOOD thing. It means alternative media is financially sustainable.

Crazy hooker wife notwithstanding, he is a great entertainer bringing a ton of awareness to important issues. If it takes someone with his strengths (and weaknesses) to popularize anti NWO ideas, so be it.

Also wtf is that website you linked to, it makes a ton of insane conclusions without any real proof. Jones had a lot of family members in the CIA. Yet I remember listening to him about a decade ago (when I was in high school) explain how they use drugs and other black market trades to finance their nefarious initiatives. The notion that he is a shill simply does not add up.

bicebicebice said...

To be fair and frank, infotainment 101 is saps beating other saps with sticks cheered on by Melons slurping slurpees in the bleachers since time immemorial.

Now I can sit in Sweden and enjoy that on my couch in HD with a coke. You don't even have to be Melon to get some form of laugh out of it, it tickles the whole spectrum of absurd "human" behavior itch.

And its free too!

John Deer said...

I'll replace Alex with the Phrenology Forecast and Thalforce supplements

John Deer said...

BTW heres a vid of Alex Jones' new jewish prostitute wife, who is now pregnate.

Sam said...

Jones has great stuff. Not because he's not a liar and a Jewish shill but because he has to. Most all the shill sites have a good amount of truth but twist them in some way to make the truth look stupid. This is on purpose. They want you to not believe anything. As I said about the "we didn't go to the moon" hoaxes their goal is to foster mental confusion. You can clear up some of this by understanding a few simple ideas. If Jews are involved there will be twisting of the truth. An example is Alex Jones talks accurately sometimes about 9-11 but adds that the NWO is responsible. What's the NWO? There's really no such thing. What you have is Jews and some other psychopaths that operate with them. That's it.

The basics are:
1. The Jews did 9-11 and lots of other false flags.
2. The Jews and other psychopaths blackmail most of the legislatures of the planet with pedo blackmail.
3. The Jews and other psychopaths ownership of all the State Central Banks is how they own everything. Some are smart but being able to print as much money as you want means they don't have to be smart.
4. The Jews own the vast amount of all media so if we're not be told about all this it's their fault and they're responsible.
5. Plenty of others are involved but the Jews are the root of the problem. If Jews run your country you'll be destroyed over time. They're genetically inclined to act this way.
6. You have to look at everything and determine if it makes sense. Some of it may and some may not. Throw out all that doesn't and assume what does might be a lie. When I see people making videos with lots errors like the moon idiot video who very premise is constantly shown in every scene to be foolish you just have to throw it out.

Sam said...

More Jewish nonsense.

Texas Arcane said...


... or maybe when you have enough money, you always control both sides of any issue with your own sanitised versions. This way, the game is rigged so that you can never loser. Whether people choose either imaginary side they are still choosing to believe the crap you are feeding them. Alex Jones built his rep on saying the stuff we wanted to hear said and that's why he is truly a useful shill.

Remember, when you are talking trillions of dollars, nobody enters the arena without your permission. People who try to operate independently at all (like Seth Rich) are the first to be gunned down.

Notice nobody has gunned down Alex yet. The reason is ... he is just another shill. If he weren't he'd be dead by now. That's how serious all this really is.

Texas Arcane said...


The first part of my waking up was realising that NASA has been an NWO sh*t show from the beginning, founded and controlled by occultist freemason shills. If they were honest men they would have hired based on merit. Look at the roster and you will see they only hired freemasons. In fact the only person there who wasn't a shill was Wernher Von Braun. Now you know why he went around with that look on his face all the time. He got paid to shut up and play along when he discovered there was no way anybody was going to the moon for a long time if ever. The inscription on his tombstone says it all.

Alan Gould said...

"They never dreamed that that grey, respectable suit
Concealed arms that had controlled huge wings
Nor that those sad, defeated eyes had once
Compelled the Sun"

Texas Arcane said...


It's not the first time by a long shot. Hoaxes surrounding the moon have been a huge fascination for freemasons for centuries.

Texas Arcane said...


Notice how when they get caught, they are always "hurr durr," just fooling around ... but the hoax was dead serious and printed as real news ...

Apollo 11 was not the start. It was just a continuation of a long occult fascination with the moon and masons.

Ave said...

@Tex re: "Notice nobody has gunned down Alex yet. The reason is ... he is just another shill. If he weren't he'd be dead by now. That's how serious all this really is."

This has two main consequences for the expression of dissenting thoughts :
- It has to have ridiculous contents or formulation
- more importantly, the reality is never "mainstream" and "serious". Look at the Middle Ages, it was established knowledge that every other star and planet rotated around Earth. These theories of the moon orbiting us and then Earth orbiting the Sun would have been dismissed under the rule of "Occam's Razor" or how we "desperately grasp at straws to maintain our delusion alive".
Yet the solar system is that complicated.

Human situations are complicated by nature : everything simple is an easy target. Furthermore, even the most basic things (humans are born out of a father and a mother) is now being challenged, from two directions : from the lunatics on one side, from science (cloning etc.) from the other side.

The consequence of this is that nothing can be taken seriously because in reality it is all rubbish. The real world is what is around you and which you can measure with your own mind, and tools, and also knowledge from the past (the melting temperature of steel... yet another simple thing that is being challenged).
On the internet nothing is serious, you shouldn't bet your life on anything you read there.

John Deer said...

VERY important vid for you Tex

styrac1 said...


That link you posted is typical Hasbara psy-ops. "Arab conspiracy" Lol.

Phlebas the Phoenician said...

Put not your trust in princes,
in a son of man, in whom there is no salvation. Ps 146:3

Sam said...

"...The first part of my waking up was realising that NASA has been an NWO sh*t show from the beginning, founded and controlled by occultist freemason shills..."

You're going to have to come up with something better than cartoons and that other video that I couldn't stand to watch more than 20 minutes of because of all the foolish point and shriek even though everything they pointed at was about...nothing...nothing at all. I refuse to watch any more of it. I've seen enough of these and they amount to poorly reasons nonsense. There's plenty of real conspiracies. You don't have to make them up.

I'll give you people another clue.'s the Zionist, or the not religious or the not Commie or the commie or the whatever Jew group they're pretending is not the problem or is the problem this week or next. It's the Jews. Maybe not every one but I'm of the opinion that at least 99% of them know that their whole tribe is nothing but a crew of scam artist. I'm sure they're told this when they are kids.

Phantasmagoria said...

In his final days Von Braun apparently warned against the weaponization of space and the lies the elites would use to further their agenda. Last card they will play: the extra terrestrial threat. The ultimate goal of course being planetary control, one world government, NWO. The space program is just a mickey mouse circus like front for the general public to enjoy, panem et circenses. Meanwhile the funds keep flowing, need to protect the Earth against asteroids and ET.

Edward said...

We seem to have conspiracy theorists giving us two opposing views simultaneously, there is no space program, there never was, too dangerous, too expensive, not enough technology, radiation belts, faked for TV, no reason to go up there anyway because God created earth as the centre of the universe and everything we will ever need is right here, and anyway the rapture is right around the corner if we are among the 144,000 faithful who will survive it, oh and the earth is actually flat, or hollow, or everything we experience as real is just a holographic projection so the idea of there being an outer space at all is just part of the moon projected matrix programming designed to enslave us.

The other side being, the nazis were in psychic contact with various alien races from a distant star, and they built a bunch of anti-gravity flying machines and hid them in Antarctica, (where the supposed entrance to the hollow earth is hiding..), and they are way ahead of what has been revealed to the public technologically, and the US government has been meeting with and making agreements with various alien races since the 50s, and they gave us some of their technology and helped us set up a secret space program which is where all the real money has been disappearing too all these years, again centuries more advanced than the kinds of rockets and thing that the public gets told about. And we actually have a whole fleet of ships already in orbit, and we've faster than light travel, and people go off on 5 day jaunts to Alpha Centauri all the time, but it's all sworn to secrecy, and there is Area 51, and Pine Gap, and all kinds of advanced psychotronic and weather manipulation technologies, and Fukushima was man-made because they actually deliberately caused the earthquake which caused the tsunami, because they want to poison and kill us all.

Has anyone not noticed none of these things are at all consistent with one another?
I'll stick with programming computers not people thanks, at least that way you can in theory understand it end to end and it's fully deterministic top to bottom, and if you use open source no one hides stuff away from you.
This stuff works, because I made it work, and because I understood what I was doing, and I can understand how it all works, and where I've made a mistake, and why some things are easy to achieve and some things are conceptually easy but mathematically intractable, and some things are just above my intellectual level to understand and I'll never be as smart as John Carmack, but that's OK, and I mostly don't believe anything that anyone tells me anymore.

Sam said...

styrac1 said...


That link you posted is typical Hasbara psy-ops. "Arab conspiracy" Lol..."

I said it was nonsense.

Here's what I think. We went to the Moon. No Nazi astronauts. No aliens. I mean use common sense. The aliens come from the other side of the galaxy, get to Earth and a radar station lights them up and they crash into the ground. Please. Same with them "hiding" but being seen all at the same time. If they're advanced enough to scoot around the universe they're advanced enough to make tiny drones we can't see to observe us and if they want to be seen they certainly wouldn't pickup strangers riding down deserted highways. They would land in a city park.

Now I do believe that the US has advanced anti-gravity, actually, inertia drives. They push against the inertia of the universe. There's all sorts of weird high acceleration mechanical devices that don't act exactly like you would think they would. Lots of them. Now you wouldn't take these mechanical things into space but using the same principles and lots of money I bet you could find a way to make a drive out of these.

For all we know the government took all that missing Defense money to build colonies in space so the assholes will be safe when we have some kind of disaster like pole shift or some other thing they know is coming down the road. Who knows?