Thursday, April 13, 2017

Zombie March Towards A Century Of Cobalt-60

The evil in the world arises not from the presence of the bad but in the absence of the good.

In order to prepare the U.S. for it's historical close it had to be attacked at every single level : culturally, spiritually, emotionally, physically. They had to be mulched and chewed until their bones were powder and their backbone was bubble gum. It is almost flattery that so much effort had to be put into degrading them to this level before they were ripe for harvest. The greatest nation that we know of had to fall a long ways to make it vulnerable enough to set up for this fate.

Australia as always just a bone to throw to the dogs

P.S. I went to NBC school in the Army for six weeks. I am aware this does not make me an expert. Needless to say, when I saw these photos of the "Syrian gas attack" I burst out laughing. The people who staged these know nothing whatsoever about Sarin gas. Nothing. They should have at least consulted someone who did. Do you know what one of the biggest threats is after a Sarin gas attack? Offgassing, in which heat from the sun begins to release the thickest chemical concentrations of the gas. This offgassing can actually be deadlier than the initial gas attack itself. Nobody goes around with nothing but a gas mask on in this environment. No gloves, no decon suit, no MOPP boots. That's not something that takes place in the real world. That would be the last "contact high" anybody ever gets.


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"The greatest nation that we know of"


Kona Commuter said...

Years ago the Surivilists in the US would talk about UN Troops in the US and everyone mocked them for it. One documentary I saw there was a militia actually ran patrols.

Fast forward to today. There is a lot of talk online about Civil War 2. One hopes it's all just bluster. However from my computer screen the possibility of one doesn't seem like Doomer Fiction anymore.

I can envisage a scenario where UN forces are deployed in the US within the Left held areas.

Got Rice?

Ron said...

I think the purpose is to ready the population for a change to a techno fascist state. Nazi Germany was the trial run.