Saturday, April 15, 2017

Vault-Co About To Clock 3 Million Hits

Correct. The original Vault-Co had 4 million before it was reset.

This is just a random blog run by some retard blithering Aspie that proves community care systems simply do not work. Somehow over the past ten years without any promotion, advertising or advocacy we managed to rack up 7 million hits from visitors.

At some point I think around the time I began to extrapolate on my Melonhead theory, two weird things happened. We started to get a lot of visitors from "City of London" IP Addresses and Langley, Virginia. Shortly thereafter Google basically stopped permitting any 'bot to scan this site and took all results for it off of their search engine. They allowed others to talk about us but no matter what you did you could not get the link to the Vault-Co domain to come up in Google. I think it was the week I suggested that all the melonhead ruling classes were originally descended from the surviving families of Atlantis. Apparently that kind of crazy will cause Google to remove you physically from their search engine forever. I think I had photographs of famous world leaders showing all of them clearly had at least 400-1000cc more brain mass that ordinary people don't have. It was also around this time somebody hacked the site and tried to blame it on Turks. I never believed it.

In the past, people like me were kept in homes, assigned various fingerpainting therapies to keep them happy and only allowed day passes to go visit the zoo with managed supervision. Today because of the internet your old fashioned village idiots can go global with a minimum of effort.


Ron said...

Lots of love for you Tex

n-ikaido said...

> Apparently that kind of crazy will cause Google to remove you physically from their search engine forever.

Have you checked if you can edit the robots.txt file on your blog? Here are the instructions for doing it on blogger :

You can see the content of your robots.txt :

It disallows indexing of your entire blog, for all search engines EXCEPT Google's. Quite funny, and possibly disturbing thing going on. Because your blog can't be searched on Google. But your robots.txt file specifically gives an exception that allows Google to index it, and disallows it for other engines.
You need to remove that line:
Disallow: /

If you can remove it, that would allow other search engines, like Bing, DuckDuckGo and so on, to index you.

styrac1 said...

Ave said...

Congrats !

DFo you know what draws people especially to this place ? What kind of articles get more views than others etc. ?

Texas Arcane said...


It is actually the most far-out conjecture on anthropology that draws the most views.

Ave said...

@ Tex

Well it's true Vault-Co has an interesting, coherent theory about this, and it's the only place that doesn't wander off straight away to extreme Annunaki /reptilian / Thal Master Race stuff.

Johnny Caustic said...

Can you please consider making a long post that summarizes your main ideas about anthropology? I've been following this blog for years, but I really haven't figured out how to put the pieces together in a big picture.