Sunday, April 16, 2017

Underground Shelter Business Exploding Across The World

They're making plans. Unfortunately, none of these plans involve you. They're paying for them with your tax revenues. You will never see a penny of it spent on civil defense for your family, I assure you.

Texas proprietor says he is considering going to 24/7 manufacturing and hiring triple his current staff.

Vivos is exploding, one of the fastest growing businesses in the world, now moving into private market to manufacture individual shelters.

During the coming year, right here on Vault-Co, we're going to create a plan for a survival system environment that is better than anything these multimillionaires can come up with. They don't have enough money to buy a system that is as good as the one we are going to give away free. The reason they prey on us is that ultimately, we are the problem solving class. That's why money flows from our tax revenues to them. They consume our surplus both spiritually, intellectually and economically. This is why I am confident that what we are going to offer shortly will be much better. It will be for everybody on any budget, not just these self-styled "important" people who believe they have the "Darwinian" right to survive over others.

Think twice before you bury a shipping container without considerable reinforcement. I'm considering a cache site for a shipping container not far from my property but I would have it heavily reinforced even though it won't be designed for people. These things will collapse easily when earth shifts even a little.

Working on the Greenlight for Grimoire required me to postpone further work on CD-OS but I will soon have the time to give it a really good polish before posting it for open source. Not long after that we will add some modules to it that will be so incredible Batman will pay re-possessors to just come through his cave and scrap everything, sell his supercomputers off for bulk weight. He will decide there is no point in trying to compete with our system and just switch to CD-OS permanently.


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When will Vault-Co Land open? Imagine a Theme Park where you live this kind of lifestyle for x number of days, would be cool as hell imo.

Kona Commuter said...

I spent an evening watching the YouTube Prank videos where people played "imminent" nuclear attack warning on TV's

Overwhelmingly people's reactions were poor.

Nuke on it's way? You were given 90 minutes to prepare do something other than watch TV.

Even if you're a prepper there's stuff you could do

The best video though was the guy playing it on a radio on the street. People got up and ran. Smarter than sitting there like a dumb arse