Friday, April 14, 2017

Trumps Reverses All Campaign Pledges On All Topics, Moves Hard Neocon

The new President Cohn will keep the government State banks flush and protected from reality.

America has gone from a corporate bank run government to a full scale oligarchy with regional heads appointed by banking firms as de facto executive of the United States.

Trump has betrayed every single campaign promise he made and it is April.

Don't be angry at me. I have been 100% skeptical for 16 years on Vault-Co but just once I wanted to believe one of these bastards might be telling the truth 5% of the time. I was wrong. This guy is one of the biggest shills of them all. Trump is a warmongering tool.

That candidacy was the mother of all false flag operations. It even got me.

They wanted to install Hillary as a potential Queen of the World and a U.N. operative in the executive office. Trump was their second choice.

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Sam said...

It's very disappointing. I'm hoping it's temporary.