Monday, April 10, 2017

Trump an Unstable Hothead Unfit For Leadership

The reason the Melonheads never change tactics is that Homo Sapiens never changes.
The same tricks work on them for centuries and centuries with the same rubes falling for the exact same ploys
that worked last time without even a new wrinkle needed.
He needed to keep a cool head until the intelligence came in. Instead he allowed neocons to goad him into a strike on the Syrian airbase.

There is no evidence of any kind, zero, nothing, none that Assad staged a chemical attack on civilians. He might as well be accused of witchcraft.

Unfortunately, the honeymoon is about over with Trump. He's too easily led by the nose. If Hillary was in office right now she'd be doing even more, so this guy continues to be the lesser of two evils.

The media are craven little cowards who would cheer on anything where somebody gets killed. None of these spiritual dwarves ever wore a uniform, served under a command or fired a shot in anger. All of them rearguard tough guys who would be the first to dive beneath the bar stool if you tried to draft them and they'd cry for an exception. They just want to watch anything where people get blown up or killed, preferably civilians. As long as it isn't them or any of their immediate kin. Worse than animals.

These things are coordinated many days in advance and disseminated widely to all participants.


Ibn Nafis said...

Heh, I knew from the beginning he was just like all other presidents, part of the Judeo-Maconic Melonhead Zionist empire. I mean he is surrounded by Ashkenazic Jews.
And I think his own daughter is a convert to Judaism and married to one.

It's just obvious. No one can be president without being part of the system.

Trump doing a handshake with Willbur Ross, who worked during 24 years at "N M Rothschild & Sons"

According to Wikipedia:
"In the 1980s, Donald Trump found himself in financial trouble with regard to his casinos in Atlantic City. His three casinos in Atlantic City were under foreclosure threat from lenders. Ross, then senior managing director of Rothschild Inc., represented investors in the casino. Along with Carl Icahn, Ross convinced bondholders to strike a deal with Trump that allowed Trump to keep control of the casinos."

It was so obvious man. So obvious.

Ave said...

There are people who keep on telling us that he's a poker guy / gambler and he has a plan.

Maybe his plan is to have his butt kicked (some warships sunken somewhere) and then blame the CIA/Mass Media etc. that they were fooling the POTUS and they ought to be fired. This is not going to work because this is actually the Deep State and nobody in his right mind thinks for a second that a guy elected by the same people that watch Oxyclean ads is going to have a say in anything.

Sending mixed messages is a sign of weakness, but only if you believe the messages are anything more than headlines on a computer. The Russian are not playing poker but chess, and the stakes are very high right now. All the people who sailed Russia from 2000 to the present day are going to be quite old in a matter of years, when the replacement comes Russia may not be able to defend itself from automated perception/distraction technologies that are currently being unleashed. It will acclaim its demise just like the US did with the Trump election.

@Ibn Nafis : the exceprt you chose is very close to what once happened to Churchill in 1929. From that moment on he was somebody's bitch and he ruined the UK the best he could.

Takudzwa Aywok said...

Told ya.
Told ya, man.

Texas Arcane said...


... and I was willing to accept that maybe he had a plan and a way forward on all of this. Until he started to kill innocent Syrians stationed at an airfield. That instant I decided like so many others he was just one more false flag himself. The guy is a hollow shell cultivated to win so he could continue the NWO plan. Should have known for certain from the start. Hillary was still worse and she would have opened the FEMA camps by now if she was in office for political "retraining."

CrackedCrazyDexer said...

Had some wonderful arguments over the weekend with family members over the weekend. My mom and especially her husband watch way to much Hellstream news got the same look on their faces like when I tried to tell them several years ago they need to get stocked up. No convincing them that it was a bunch of nonsense. When I talked to my dad who should know better he went into some b.s. explanation that if we had not hit the base ISIS would get the gas and hit one of our cities. Sure because the only way ISIS could get some gas would be Assad's base.

Ave said...

@ Tex

I completely agree with you. "The guy is a false flag himself" - very well said.

It seems the election was all about people getting to choose the flavour of their demise.

BTW, after only two weeks, Ben Marking has made a new "nuclear attack news" video, this time he got the tone, the editing and the pacing just right. Excellent work.
That Warsaw attack segement @40:57 is brutal.

Ave said...

The guy just deleted the video less than two hours after releasing it. (it couldn't even be downloaded). Either he's insanely perfectionnistic, or he's been told not to scare people off as things escalate in real life...

Time to get to our shelters and to DOWNLOAD THAT CD-OS THING - don't you think we should ?

Phantasmagoria said...

I read that Syria and Russia got a heads up, after which they moved personel and gear from the airfield. More than half of the precision weapons that is -apparently- the tomohawk missed their target. At home MSM rejoiced, critics spinning the Russia connection were silenced. North Korea and China got a clear signal (if you disregard that half of the missiles missed). It could be a decent maneuver on the 4d polical chess board. Just speculating.

"Mu" said...

Check out this website, they regularly update for world wide future population density and expenditures.

It states America will be less than 60 million by 2024. (They set it back a year from 2025 apparently)


Ave said...

@CrackedCrazyDexter : chances are, if you have to spend time to explain the concept of survivalism to them, you shouldn't speak of it at all.

First they're going to make fun of you, and second the next time they get scared on FoxNews they're going to bug out straight to your place (while having told their friends and neighbours "just in case", describing their fantasy of how you have too much of everything) and be very nasty.

Your mother's husband might be playing along with her but to him you're just some guy, if he has kids from his past relationships the info is not lost on him nor on them at all.

Ave said...

@ "Mu"

Thanks, that was an interesting webpage. The reasoning is quite OK actually.
That sharp decrease in Germany is what I already witnessed, especially the "core" Germans are disappearing.

One part of why they didn't make enough children is some sort of strike, a vote of no confidence over the future, just like in the communist countries before 1989.
Another part is because many people believed in TV, especially women, and spent their best years chasing a career that turned out to be sterile in every sense of the word.

The scary thing is that automation will render most of the remianing population useless anyway...

teacup said...

Your comments are more reactionary than @POTUS

Sam said...

I thought in the beginning Trump was total Jew run, then I changed my mind. I have done this several times. After the strike I thought again he was a Jew tool but now I find that the damage is next to nil and it's possible the Russians were warned. Do we really even know if anyone was killed? Could that be untrue? Fake news?

My thoughts now on Trump are I just don't know. We do know, so far, he is 200% better than if we had Hillary but the future...???? Trump seems just like Colombo the TV detective. He blunders and stumbles along and everyone makes fun of his stupidity but he always gets his Man. Could Trump be playing the Jews? I don't know. I do know he has completely destroyed the "He's a Russian Agent" meme. It's gone and they were actually talking about impeachment for that.

I've wondered why he hasn't just come out and show everyone building 7 videos and forced the local government to testify under oath in the Sandy hook false flag??? Could it be that Jeff Sessions is hard on this and is gathering evidence as we speak but that they don't have iron clad evidence yet? I don't know. We know there were and are ongoing massive pedo busts including child trafficking. Some speculate that they are busting the lower chain and are working up the ladder.

It's an enigma. He's doing a LOT of things right while also giving the deep State reason to believe that he's going along with them. I think we will have to wait and see. It's not near over yet. I think that if a year from now he has not made major bust of the deep State then, yes we were had but until then I can see it going either way.