Friday, April 14, 2017

Trump Goes Full Retard On Foreign Policy

He has broken 3/4 of his pledges in the campaign to steer the U.S. away from Neocon World Empire

The guy fell for everything. He's too gullible. He's bought whatever they are selling and the intel they are shovelling at him is pure hooey. A wiser man would have kept his impulses in check and simply waited for some analysis. This guy heard one buzzer and jumped right out the window. Trump is not paying attention. He's carrying out the same course of action Hillary would have followed except he is simply reacting mindlessly to reach the same result. It is amazing how little money they had to spend to convince Trump there was an emergency happening. There was nothing happening. Part of wise governance is ignoring the overexcitable buffoons with agendas screeching at you. Do you know what masculine means? It means keeping your cool at all times. Trump blew it instantly.

The really disturbing thing is how much of his base believes his actions are legitimate. The truth is, they wouldn't know one way or the other. Lights on but nobody is really home. Tenth generation lunatics. Every 200 years, those whom the "gods" would destroy they first drive mad. If the nation goes crazy, can any one man prevent their self-destruction? Nope. That's why nations last around 200 years.


herzeleid said...

methinks you've been fooled

James said...

"That's why nations last around 200 years".

This is not really true. Nations, as in racial groups, last until they are extinguished. Nations, as in countries, last much longer than 200 years, usually. England has been one nation since about the 9th century, well over 1 thousand years. Of course, we can argue that the United Kingdom is not England. Some nations just change their names but still exist essentially unchanged. Some nations disappear for awhile, like Poland, but are reconstituted at some point.

I think it would be more accurate to say that modern Empires last about 200 years. At least as far as England, France, and the United States are concerned. It might be even more accurate to say that nations that are those financial entities that engage in fractional reserve banking and interest bearing currency last about 200 years. It seems to take about that long for the usurers to own all the physical wealth, land, and people of the nation. It also takes time to replace the posterity of the nation with immigrants that have no debt so that they can start riding the debt slavery carousel.

styrac1 said...

He didn't "fall" for anything. His campaign was a bait-and-switch scam from the beginning, a mind controlled Mossad drone controlled by his Damien Thorn Antichrist-in-Law handler. He is the Jewish endgame guy. The middle managers like Obama and Hillary would simply not do for this stage.

nfoe said...

This is from 2013 but it's still relevant:

- North Korea’s (imaginary) nuclear weapons -

Sir Sweetstick said...

no, he has followed through on many campaign promises already. not all of them of course, but enough to warrant giving him more time on this nokor situation. as long as he doesn't send US troops into the ME; that would be a deal breaker for me.