Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Shill or 4-D Chess? Not certain.

Trump says despite the Neocons starting a parade to that effect, we won't be invading Syria

Mixed signals on purpose or by accident? You don't know with this guy.

Is he only pretending to be in opposition to Neocon empire or genuinely contradicting them?

Trump is either the mother of all false flags or he's running master game on these guys. It is nearly impossible to tell at the moment.

I was a soldier and I know when all this bluster boils over it results in the murder of mostly unarmed women and children, the #1 casualties in modern warfare. So I support any resolution to solve these problems by any means other than violence because I know firsthand that is all a big lie. These cowards talk about courage and resolve and then they each take turns bombing civilians just going about their business. This never works out the way they say it will. That's why the Founding Fathers said the best foreign policy is minding your own business and staying out of ventures abroad to fight monsters which exist only in the imagination.


Ave said...

Look, the uSA is not China or Russia. The latter two are forced to be global players.
The USA is taking all it can from the rest of the world and is paying with bogus money. That's not being a global player, that's predatory.

Trump or Obozo or Captain America will never change the very nature of the USA. The moment the USA stop being predatory it will not only crumble onto itself, but the other powers will become predatory in their own turn. Look at what happened to Spain in the 17th century.

So playing "good guy pretending to be bad guy because I have issues at home" is irrelevant. For these sort of things during the last decades of the USSR we had "kremlinologists" in the West, but they were only useful to determine the speed and nature of the USSR's demise.

The USA are condemned to a flight forward in Syria, because apparently there are large untapped reserves in Natural Gas there, and if Russia gets it then it's game over for the US on the energy markets, that is to say, on the global economy & the predation the US is able to exert.

If is Trump "playing poker", he is playing this AGAINST US, the public opinion. The other people in DC have large staffs of intelligence personnel who are used to playing games and are unaffected.

Perhaps a way to say this that you might agree with is : the Deep State is pissed at the poor results of the Obama/Clinton/Neocon management and now needs to get back things under control or the USA will lose its predatory edge. This will not lead to "less war" but to "smarter war".

War it will be either way.

Nightwatchstate said...

Yeah the US should totally just let the Russian-Iranian alliance cartelise the European oil market. Us Brits should just accept that and not bother to fight for our energy independence and carry on buying gas from the same people who send IEDs to the taliban to kill our troops. Boots on the ground to secure Syria for the west would be a good start

bicebicebice said... I for one trust our Melon of the oopma loompa caste

Have you read Art of The Deal Tex? Having your "I always get ripped off" post in mind, maybe it should be mandatory reading for all Thals!

August said...

There is no 4-d chess.

He may have genuinely fell for the fake gas attacks. Presidents have done illegal strikes on other countries for his whole life, so it isn't surprising he didn't know he shouldn't.

But allowing the narrative to stand- i.e. that Assad used these weapons and/or that an America has a national interest in attacking him under these circumstances- kills any 4-d chess dead.

That's what these guys claiming some sort of grand strategy don't get.

podrag said...

The Owl Melon in me thinks it's always best to apply a Nash equilibrium factor to situations such as these. Realpolitik is good only in so much as game theory and Bayesian inference allows you to extract a degree of predictability from the situation.

NeoCon's power isn't what it was but they still have influence that Trump needs to take into consideration. So what you're seeing is a multifaceted narrative as the 'prism' of single perspective shatters as the 'Unipolar' American domination of world politics shatters. To me it shows a trend that the swamp has been weakened but is still able to exert control and Trump must bargain with them to some degree and compromise.

Overall this uncertainty is positive. There would have been absolutely no question of Libtard/NeonCon dominance even 5 years ago. Trump is making tangible progress in at least pushing total collapse out long enough for new technologies like Blockchain, AI and robotics to pick up the slack. Maybe then society can implement a more rational and eugenic attitude to business/politics/war/famine et cetera. I think a Techno-Neo-Spartan/Athenian/Atlantian society is possible.

I miss Atlantis I really do.

HalibetLector said...

Ave, you're wrong, as was most everyone who commented on the previous post. Nobody died in the Syrian air strike. It's not an accident they chose probably the most worthless target they could (an air field that is most likely repaired by now). Trump has proven over and over that everything he does has multiple uses. In this case, you may want to look at what China and Russia were doing in the air strike combined with what Trump chose to focus on after the air strike.

This is all about North Korea.

Ibn Nafis said...

Gary said...

All over the alt-right blogs writers and commenters are so proud that Trump has possibly been so clever to outwit the Chinese and the Russians and the media and the neocons.

They all appear to believe the hype that North Korea is now a grave danger and regime change must be enforced (By China, the US, or both). They think that's great. Victory for Trump. Another sovereign nation crushed, to make the world so much safer, for the children, you know.

They have already forgotten that the same BS lies were spread about Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, Assad. War will be had, and then North Korea will have a nice BIS-controlled central bank, join the global usurious slave plantation, and all will be well in the world. Trump and Xi will perhaps win a joint peace prize, assuming only a few tens of thousand North Koreans die.

People are so naive, the elite must chuckle as they read the blogs, it's so fucking easy.

styrac1 said...

Mixed signals? You're kidding right? The guy is the biggest Jew-owned ass-puppet to ever crawl the earth, and he was handpicked to destroy Russia - if that means the whole world in the process so be it. He was a fraud from the start, there was no "coup". He's the Jewish endgame guy because their patience is running thin, and in their Devil-worshiping religion that planetary Kingdom their father Satan promised them, which Christ rejected, might have a deadline to get.

The only hope for mankind is for him to make a serious blunder, like attacking North Korea, the Russians will then be convinced he's so insane and evil they will have no other option than to launch a nuclear first strike on the U.S.

Ave said...


What we need to look at is the nature of the country, not that of its leader.

Then we can argue if the US will accept a reduction of its influence, like its predecessor (the UK) did in the 1920's-1940's or if it will flight forward in a "all or nothing" situation.

The problem is the UK still had a currency pegged on gold, whereas the US has only promises, dreams and drama to offer. This is why the moment the US backs down it will all be crashing down. Because this will affect every other coutnry in the world, every other country int he world has helped the US prop up the facade, until now.

Automation calls for a new kind of game (economically as well as politically & mlilitarily). Maybe it doens't matter then if it all comes crashing down, maybe it does, we don't have the data so we can't know. But this is not about one person with an orange toupet.

Sam said...

"...Assad used these weapons and/or that an America has a national interest in attacking him under these circumstances- kills any 4-d chess dead.

That's what these guys claiming some sort of grand strategy don't get..."

The grand strategy, if there is one, is that by attacking Syria he gets rid of the meme that he's a Putin puppet. There were rumors that they were going to push this until they could impeach him. They've done this non-stop since the election. Now that avenue is completely dead. Shot. Finished.

It is plausible as best as I can tell the strike was completely useless and we're told Putin was warned about it. I seriously doubt anyone was killed. Even if they come up with pictures there's plenty of bodies in Syria if they wanted some.

I don't really know what Trump is going to do. He's beginning to look a little ill I think. The stress must be tremendous. Even Presidents who don't give a fuck have gray hair after a few years in the job. It could be that they are blackmailing him for something he did or they straight up told him they were going to kill him, all his kids and his grandchildren. Look at Harry Reid and our secretary of State under Obama. I'll be damned if someone didn't just beat the shit out of them. They didn't get to looking like that from broken exercise equipment and playing hockey.

If he's on our side the only way I see him surviving is to go public with all the false flags starting with 9-11, hide himself and his family with protection from the military. The military may do the deep States bidding but they're really mostly NOT the deep State. They see the deep State is mortally wounding the US. We won't last without doing something about the Jews. I don't know all the ins or outs of the new world order or even if there is one but I do know the Jews run the majority of the banks, the newspapers, the TV stations, the radio stations, the book publishers and have prominent(choke point)positions in most all the information and control situations of the US. As far as I'm concerned knowing this they are the problem.

As for Trump how do you know he's not gathering enough information to burn them? You have to have something that will stand up in court and he'll want to take out a large number of them at once so they don't escape. I'm going to give him a year to make a final judgement even though it doesn't look good to me, right now, but that could change. If he hasn't made major arrest in a year then I figure he'll do nothing. Maybe he'll slow the deep State a little or he may speed it up but within a year something will happen and whatever trigger is going to be pulled will be. It could even be right now. There's stuff written about the North Koreans having two satellites in orbit and hinting that they have nukes that can knock out the power grid. SO we attack the NK and down goes the grid. If the grid goes down...that's all folks.

I think you already know this but Google has scrubbed all existence of vault-co from their servers. You officially don't exist.