Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Right Off The Deep End

For safety purposes, the red states are the ones with a trillion rounds of ammunition, deadeye shots with iron sights, ex-military veterans and enough stored food to survive a civil war for a couple decades.

The blue states would all be dead in a week if Starbucks ran out of mint cappuccino. These guys might be bringing a badminton racket to a bear fight. Do they even know what they are talking about? This is a good way to lose permanently. No more rallies at all for a couple thousand years.


August said...

Adam Curry (formerly MTV- definitely not a Nazi) was talking about this stuff on his No Agenda podcast. He said he wondered if something similar happened in the Wiemar Republic. Essentially that the left got this crazy. The Alt-right guys are already making direct comparisons to Germany, but many of them don't think Hitler did anything wrong (except maybe for some strategic mistakes).

But anyway, somebody like Curry is starting to think these thoughts, and some idiot leftists- well, my first guess is amateur sniper fire. Maybe some homemade bombs because the M-80s weren't very effective. Being little cowards, they are going to want take people down and then run away.

It will probably drag on too long. It takes a long time for the average America gun owner to overcome this 'noble loser' posture- in which he claims a right to defend himself, but won't do anything until he is surrounded and out-gunned.

Ave said...

Whoever can afford to purchase weapons in this economy (let alone afford some training) is too busy to start a fight.

This will be the job of very poor & violent guys who will work for Mr. Soros, as always these last twenty years (at least). "Armed liberals" will just be the brand of that particular group (the name "Pink Lives Matter" was rejected by the marketing dept.)

Jeff Smith said...

Even in the blue states, like where I (unfortunately) live, there are hundreds of thousands of men who despise these antifa faggots and the lefty groups like BLM, SPLC, and all the beaners in La Raza and the other imbecilic mobs. Most of these White Men are armed or are in the process of arming themselves RIGHT NOW.

If the left wants war today, then bring it. I think they are too chickenshit to start anything real, rather I believe that these morons are used by Soros and the community of marxists to probe the strengths or weaknesses of the Alt-Right and the real American Patriots....which breaks down to White heterosexual Christian people.

Wait until Trump's mega-fascist-marxist successor is installed in the WH. They will take the gloves off and just go for the extermination of all Christian White people. This is their ultimate goal anyway.

nfoe said...

The High pH Therapy for Cancer - Tests on Mice and Humans

"Tests on mice fed cesium and rubidium showed marked shrinkage in the tumor masses within 2 weeks. In addition, the mice showed none of the side effects of cancer. "

Aeoli Pera said...

Shrinking crania will do that.

styrac1 said...

North Korea "crisis". Directed by Edward D. Wood Jr.

HalibetLector said...

From the article:

The anti-Trump protesters at the rally were ill-prepared for what they came to Berkeley to confront

Bwa haha! Ill-prepared my ass. They had a coordinated battle plan complete with m80 explosives, glass bottles and bricks for throwing, sap gloves, knives and a smoke bomb. One guy was stabbed in the ribs with a knife.

They actually came to the rally with a decent battle plan. They cached weapons outside of the police containment area. They threw in explosives from outside of the area to expand the perimeter so they could get their weapons in (police were searching people as they entered the demonstration area). The people running the show certainly knew what they were doing. The only thing that went wrong is the rank and file are cowards. Once the fighting started, they trampled their own people to get away instead of standing and fighting.

As far as the Left getting better training, you can't train people to be brave. These people are cowards from the start by covering their faces. The only people on the altright who covered their faces were with gear to protect against pepper spray. And if the left decide to escalate to guns... well, I'll believe that when I see it. The average leftard is anti-gun because they're terrified of them. Good. luck. with. that.

James said...

In all honesty, I would love to see this escalate. But, what do you think the police will do? Most police forces have been federalized and have SWAT teams and ex-military to staff them. And if the police can't handle it, do you think the elite will stop there? How about the National Guard? And if that doesn't work, regular military. I really don't think our owners will allow a military force to exist that they cannot control. Even a military force composed of non-military personnel. Unless, of course, they want this to happen so they can bring in the next phase of their strategy.

Sam said...

This is an interesting video of STEVE PIECZENIK talking about the Syrian war and saying that the strike in Syria had nothing to do with Syria and was aimed at China. I really don't trust STEVE PIECZENIK, I believe he's Jewish for one and I don't trust anything the Jews say at all. However everything he's been saying recently is congruent with what I understand and congruent with the Syrian strike being a show strike, Trump is still rounding up the pedos and, so far, isn't making any wide scale move to invade Syria. Trump has been acting very neo-connish but it could all be to confuse them.

PIECZENIK says we're getting out of the middle east and earlier in another video he says that Wikileaks was an attack by other US State actors against the CIA and that if the CIA didn't back off they would continue to get worse and worse. He says that the Clintons are done, baked, finished and that the CIA deep State is under attack by other deep State actors that are pro-US and not beholden to Israel. He made some fairly specific recommendations to get rid of the Jew mafia in the security councils.

My assumption is that the DIA is behind this. The Jews have way less to no power in the DIA which is much larger than many think. They know about 9-11 and the Defense department has born the brunt of the 9-11 attacks by their personal. Why did they not come out against the CIA directly? Maybe they don't want US citizens to completely lose all faith in the US gov. so they kept quite. I don't know for sure. I think it's a mistake. I think they should push 9-11 and show what's been happening. Their problem is that I'll bet they've known about some of this kiddy pedo blackmail and maybe even have used the info themselves. Not to mention it's a little late to say they finally figured out 9-11. They don't want to open that whole can of worms.

Possible that they catch the lower level pedos and tell the perps to retire or the whole thing is made public. I think the only way to retain trust is to open the whole thing up.

MycroftJones said...

nfoe, any info about the cesium therapy, if it affects your DNA and sperm? Does it cause any epigenetic changes that are transmitted to offspring? If so, then ix-nay on using it as a prophilactic, but more power to those who have cancer and cure it with that. A lot has been going around about dandelion root as a powerful cure for everything except brain cancer (can't cross the blood brain barrier). If you want to harvest dandelion roots, this is the perfect time of year to do it, they are popping up everywhere. Two roots a day for several weeks should do the job.

nfoe said...


Nothing yet. FWIW, here is a patent application for stimulating stem cells with Cs. Sadly, it doesn't cite any examples.

Some others do, though.

I'm not aware that any of the (non-radioactive) alkali metals are mutagenic to a significant degree.
The LD50s of Cs and Rb are comparable to those of Na and K, but Li is much more dangerous.