Friday, April 28, 2017

Priming The Rubes For The Fake Alien Attack

I've always thought this will be one of their big tricks they've got waiting in the wings.

Originally called "Project Blue Beam" in FOIA documents released in the 90's. A fake alien attack could be used to mobilize the population quickly for an unpopular war. They'd be on the ground in the latest third world country fighting before they realized there were no aliens. You're laughing and you don't know, the government discussed this seriously. A lot of people might suggest they are already doing it with ISIS in the Middle East.

I think if there were ever a serious chance of a lot of them going to jail, suddenly the planet would be under alien attack. The technology exists today to fake a lot of big things in front of people. If done at night you can really make it look like a football field sized UFO is hovering over a city. Scattered reports of them on the ground with some guys running around with rubber masks on, add some air raid sirens and the panic would be apocalyptic worldwide. It wouldn't take much and would be an enormously effective diversion. People would do whatever the government told them to do. You know it's true, I've been in minor events like this and you would not believe how quickly the average person completely loses it. Their critical faculty, barely functioning in the best of times, shuts down completely once they are scared.


Phantasmagoria said...

Greer has made a new documentary, out soon, also he will be interviewed on SecureTeam YT. I have no doubt the PTB still have a few neat party tricks up their sleeve. They are running out of credible threats to rationalize their wars and excessive spending of public funds (profit!) so an extra terrestial threat should indeed be next on the list. What may be an unexpected grain of sand in the machine may be the fact that it appears that more and more people are waking up, disconnecting from the msm matrix and starting to see through the lies.

Sam said...

Many years ago I thought the Disclosure Project, run by Greer, was credible. Now that I've become Jew wise and learned he was Jewish I know it's lies. Also from others warning us that there would be fakes of this sort.

Mike @ SATEX said...

It's already too late for this 'united by a threat' scenario. The U.S. is too divided by design. I don't think even interstellar invasion could get ADL/SPLC, Nation of Islam, LaRaza, the "militia" and DNC/RNC to pick up weapons and point them in the same direction. Some "conservative" would probably hold up one end of the "Welcome Alien Overlords" sign.

Bryan Blain said...

Your observation is simply not true. Replace "alien" with "White man" and all of those groups are already pointing their weapons in the same direction.