Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Glaciation In The Sierras

Thanks to the modern media, the humans are forced to choose between their five senses and natural intuition and what the televitzing device is telling them.

They invariably decide the televitz is telling the truth and the real world is lying to them.

A glacier is nothing but old snow covered by a new snowfall each year before it melts.


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I'm not sure I believe in global warming. I have seen many claims that the data used to say it's getting warmer is massaged to fit the global warming scheme. I can readily see that it would be used as a powerful way to cash in on the massive energy market by taking a little bite out of every energy usage but I see this article where cruise ships are going through the Northeast passage and...well maybe they are right. Hasn't the Northeast passage been closed for a long, long time? Didn't several explorers die trying to get through it? I got this from

and no I don't necessarily trust Dr. Paul Craig Roberts either although he does seem to lately be against the NWO. The litmus test being he agrees 9-11 was an inside job.