Monday, April 10, 2017

Everything You Have Ever Been Told About Neanderthals That You Didn't Read On Vault-Co Is An Absolute Boldfaced Lie

I've known about this for twenty years and this is the first time I've ever posted about it on my blog.

The Basque country has one of the lowest crimes rates, the highest standard of living and the most advanced innovation and science in all of Europe.

Second only to Luxembourg which is really a collaboration of several different nations rather than one.

Wonder why you never heard about this your entire life? It's simple. Homo Sapiens doesn't want his own race to ever find out what they did 40,000 years ago on the Iberian Peninsula. There is some evidence he has been mad as a hatter ever since. If he ever discovered the real truth about what he is and where he really came from, he'd probably lay down to die. All his illusions about himself would pop like soap bubbles. The whole of it is a horror story and it ends with cannibalism.

So probably all of you have heard about the RH negative factor in the blood increasing a person's chances of being psychopathic and a murderer and all that other rubbish. Not a word of that is backed up by any scientific evidence of any kind. It's just established through repetition, like any urban legends.

You've probably been saturated with all kinds of nutty "Nordic" fantasy mythology from Teutonic tales and other stuff mostly originating with Nazi propaganda and occultism.

Here's the thing.

None of it is true. The Basque have :
  1. Highest concentration of RH negative blood types in all of Europe
  2. The lowest crime rate of any nation in all of Europe
  3. The highest average IQs of any country other than Switzerland
  4. Highest standard of living and average income, lowest working hours
  5. The greatest concentration of blue-eyed people
  6. Highest measured upper and lower body strength in men other than Iceland and Norway
  7. Highest measured bone density in men other than Iceland and Norway
  8. Greatest number of root original words in all the romance languages
  9. Greatest number of classical musicians in all of Europe
  10. Rated consistently to be the most beautiful, proportioned and symmetric of all European peoples
  11. Greatest number of males who defy the golden rule for waist-shoulder ratio with chimney builds
  12. Lowest rates of mental illness, bipolar and OCD conditions on the entire planet

Either those "crude gorilla people" changed dramatically after their attempted genocide - or else they never existed at all! Maybe what you have been told about the Neanderthals was a complete crock of baloney!

P.S. Because it is a huge secret you may never hear in plain language what RH negative blood actually means! It means a man with no rhesus monkey proteins in his blood! It means somebody who is not part primate but in fact HAS NO MONKEY GENES MIXED INTO HIM! You will hear a thousand different explanations for how this could have happened and even the very best scenarios at the end of the day still entail one basic concession ... Homo Sapiens is part Rhesus monkey! Never forget it! Saps wonders why he is so messed up! Slapped together in a melonhead laboratory by a Jerry Lewis looking character, it's no shock. Whoever the guy was he must have just been tossing random junk in there like mystery casserole. A dab of this, a jot of that ought ta do it.


Ave said...

It's difficult to get good information on Rh negative blood, especially O Neg.

As usual, there are lots of "alien / reptilian" stuff but hey I mean everybody likes snacking on mice or flies so what's the fuss al about anyway ?

bicebicebice said...

Gary said...

I only found out about all this Neanderthal stuff last year (I have 2.7% Thal DNA).

Strangely (or not) my all time hero (as a man), was Seve Ballesteros.
I named my 7 year old cats Seve & Ollie, after Olazabal and Ballesteros.

I met Olazabal a few years back for an autograph and a handshake, and once was blessed to see Seve play down in Cornwall. I was so sad Seve died at 54.

Both of them are Basque men though, and seem to have very noble and passionate characters. Probably the most famous Basque men in the world. Olazabal admits he still talks to Seve since his death.

Ave said...

Using Jerry Lewis is an automatic win, you cannot use it everytime :) Yes but I do see the idea about this. Quite unsettling.

The problem with all these ideas is that the most racist are the most aggressive, as with just about everything good mankind has invented. I could provide examples by the ton but actually the movie "The Life of Brian" encapsulates this quite well.

This is why we cannot enforce racialist laws, because the most aggressive will immediately use this to destroy the rest of humanity. We are forced to have non-racialist laws, by default.

Genetic screening is hence super dangerous.

Look at the propaganda in "Mad Max Fury Road", where they capture a O Negative and immediately turn it into a blood donor machine. (Of course the movie would have stopped right there, but some stupid reason they strap this rare individual to the front of a car...)

This is severe anti Rh-negative propaganda.

Texas Arcane said...


There must be 10,000 YouTube videos now claiming RH- blood makes you into a psychopathic killer. Not a single one of them actually checks to see what criminal statistics are for people with RH- blood. Not a single one of them.

James said...

I read this post a few days ago and tried to find pictures of the Basque online. I also looked at some of your numbered statements. The only one I could verify was the Rh factor. I was skeptical about the largest concentration of blue-eyed people, 2nd highest IQ, strongest except Icelanders and Norse, etc. Could you please post links that reference this information? Thanks.

Benjamin Scarfo said...

Tex, I've been a reader for a few years and am part Neanderthal myself. It is likely you are already familiar with this small pastime, but if not do a quick Google search on Basque stone lifting. Men with Thal genes are almost always tremendously strong pound for pound and overall regardless of bodyweight.