Thursday, April 20, 2017

Even Low Earth Orbit Must Be Impossible

Good video by Eric Dubay. I have watched this around 40 times and cross-referenced every claim in it with observations made elsewhere. I should have seen all this long ago but it wasn't until around 2012 I began to seriously think about it.


Luke said...

How would you explain interviews with astronauts like this?

Not saying you're wrong, but I'm curious if you have any thoughts on how they'd create believable (at least to me) interviews like this. Really good liars? Brainwashing so they think they went to space?

Luke said...

Wow that video is pretty convincing.

Sam said...

I was prepared to cut this video to pieces and in most of it I can but where he stops going backwards in the earlier part and the scuba tanks...well I just don't know. I can't see how he could stop like that without pivoting. He did grasp the shelf up high before he put his feet down so it could be the feet going down balanced the higher touch of the shelf.

I hope this not all a lie. I also wonder why there's no air locks and how can they not have enough lifeboats???

That said I don't see this as proof that the whole thing is a lie. First I don't have the time to go over all of his work as he could be photo-shopping or taking video from one area and saying it's something else. Why should we trust him?

I think some of these are goofs but some are to demoralize and confuse people. They are direct psy-ops to bring on hopelessness and despair.

John Deer said...

never change, Tex

Texas Arcane said...


Just keep thinking about it for a while. Eventually you will realize that Ockham's Razor means nobody would go to this kind of trouble to fake everything unless it was fake.

For example, in 2011 I started to wonder if a lot of the space program was faked to conceal the real space program. I thought about this for quite a while. If it was real there would be plenty of real tech they could use to support the fakes rather than the other way around.

Maybe the paradigm itself is designed to bring on hopelessness and despair. Take away that paradigm and it is easy to see that mankind is the center of the universe and there is only one way that could possibly be. They want you to believe we are insignificant in the scheme of things. That is the most profound kind of power that could possibly exist, to intervene between you and God that way. It is designed to make you incapable of thinking you are that significant.

Edward said...

That just seems daft. I genuinely don't understand why people seem to have this so backwards.
We don't teach people science so that they don't feel like they are as significant and precious to a God that we know exists.

We teach people science to stop them being so brainwashed into dysfunctional behaviour by their belief in a God which in all likelihood doesn't exist, but was just a useful memetic construct to keep a large population tightly under control in centuries past.

But when you've got to the stage of wanting to blow each other up for believing the wrong set of lies, or spending all your life making yourself and other people feel guilty over pretty trivial concerns, or actually planning to be physically taken up into heaven to escape natural disasters here on earth because you've spent hours and hours saying the right words over and over, then you are taking it too far, and it ceases to be a useful construct, and you bring about your own demise through everyone sticking their nose in everyone else's business all the time.

The idea of God is the fabrication, the idea that humans are at all significant to the universe as a whole, that their life here is more or less just a training ground or a test for their life in the hereafter, so they best be on their best behaviour at all times. That's a lot of what stands in the way of our actually working to our full capacity here on earth, actually enjoying ourselves, and actually making it a nice place to live, so we don't just have to 'hope for a better world, and an eternal life', as we've dug our way out of the swamp over 10s of thousands of years, so now we have nice things like electricity and hot and cold running water, and global telecommunications, and heavier-than-air flight, and yes even manned space flight. We leave behind a world that we know is better for our descendants because of the work that we've done while we were here, whether it's building houses, writing songs, making movies, designing aeroplanes, or even just baking bread and stitching clothes.

I don't know for sure if ISS is real either, but I sure don't believe that we live in a flat earth under a dome firmament while being experimented on and tested by a jealous God, and if people seem intent on returning to that kind of belief then it just makes me really sad. How can you be prepared to just throw away centuries of incremental gains like that? That's what I call crazy.

Texas Arcane said...


Who is this "we," you are talking about, Edward?

Don't worry about what others are doing wrong, Edward. Are you sure those certainties you are bludgeoning about are certainties at all?

It's not God that is fabricated. It's just you, Edward. Wisdom begins with the fear of God.

HalibetLector said...

Eventually you will realize that Ockham's Razor means nobody would go to this kind of trouble to fake everything unless it was fake.

If I may posit an alternative theory; manned space flight is possible, but the ISS is a hoax. The reason I think the former is plausible is because of the retroreflectors left on the moon by the manned space mission. But, I fully believe the ISS is a hoax. The information provided in that video is just too compelling. That and the fact that the shuttle and spacesuit haven't improved at all in 40 years. It's hard to convincingly fake upgrades to equipment without real world data.

They want you to believe we are insignificant in the scheme of things.

It seems like the opposite to me. Why pretend we have an ISS in orbit? That's a large lie that has to be supported by multiple countries at this point. Plus they have *something* floating in low earth orbit at 155 miles above the surface of the earth that looks like the space station. That's a lot of dedication to making the world believe that humans are capable of amazing things. That lie is producing a shit ton of hope and optimism for the future.

I suppose it's possible they're pushing the lie so they can pull the rug out from under the entire world at the same time. If that's their plan, it won't work. The amount of self delusion humans are capable of is staggering. Most of the planet will continue to believe we're the most kickass species that ever existed because we had people living in low earth orbit for months at a time. They'll never be convinced that it was all a lie.

I don't know for sure if ISS is real either, but I sure don't believe that we live in a flat earth under a dome firmament while being experimented on and tested by a jealous God, and if people seem intent on returning to that kind of belief then it just makes me really sad. How can you be prepared to just throw away centuries of incremental gains like that? That's what I call crazy.

The owner of that youtube channel is a nut. But, that video was not made by the owner of that youtube channel. The voices don't match. I think he reposted it because it supports his flat earth mumbo jumbo.

Edward said...

In this case 'we' is just the collective will of humanity.
We don't need to fear God, we aren't going to be meeting St Peter at the pearly gates, we do actually need to fear the consequences of our own actions here on Earth, because that could actually make the place unlivable. Things like Fukushima, like causing mass extinctions, like cutting down rainforests and filling up landfill sites etc, like feeding people aspartame if you like, stuff that is creating poison and actually damaging people's brains.

Even like indoctrinating the next generation with so many false beliefs that they keep perpetuating the same kinds of problems.
Teach them physics and engineering, and geography and astronomy, not how many Hail Mary's they need to say to be 'forgiven' for occasionally having lustful thoughts, thoughts on their own never hurt anyone or anything.

Don't teach them that they are living in a simulation, and nothing really matters, except what they believe, that's what causes all kinds of problems, as the Rumsfelds of this world think they can just ask for the last rites and all their sins are washed away, which still leaves behind a massive industrialised food supply based on lies, and filled with poison.

Gary said...


Those centuries of incremental gains eh?

Man without his God is but a pawn of Satan, and there is no lower limit to our collective depravity and evil. So, suck it up buster. God save us all.

Ted Walther said...

Tex, Flat Earth was a psy-op to discredit Geocentricity after Sungenis came out with his well done movie "The Principle". I was shocked at how effective a psy-op it was (and still is)

Back in 2006 I watched an hour long interview with Richard Feynman. In that was a snippet. He described how he became an atheist at age 12. You know what it was? It was heliocentricity. He said it on public TV, the insignificance of man in the universe (heliocentric big-bang model) turned him completely off God and the Bible at age 12. I've noticed various atheists are smart enough to see the Bible is geocentric. Shelby Spong, Feynman, many others.

Whatever you have to say about Orthodox Judaism, I was impressed by the courage and honesty of the Lubavitcher Rebbe when someone showed me that he publicly wrote that Geocentricity is Biblical, so that is what he will uphold as truth. While all the other religious leaders were cucking, he held firm, and now the Lubavitchers pretty much run the world.

James said...

Edward said:

"We teach people science to stop them being so brainwashed into dysfunctional behaviour by their belief in a God which in all likelihood doesn't exist,"

Anyone that has been around trees knows there is a God. How does that go:

The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
Day after day they pour forth speech;
night after night they display knowledge.
There is no speech or language
where their voice is not heard.
Their voice goes out into all the earth,
their words to the ends of the world.

James said...

I remember the moon landings. At the time, I thought that the astronauts looked like they were skipping, not jumping. Supposedly, their suits weighed about 100 pounds. But, the gravity on the moon is almost 6 times less than earth. So, if you weighed 150 pounds plus the suit, you would be carrying around 250 pounds. On the moon, you would weigh about 42 pounds. With gravity on the Moon so low, you would be able to jump much higher. If you can jump straight up 1 foot on Earth, you would be able to jump almost 6 feet straight up on the moon. 6 inches, 3 feet. However, the astronauts skipping on the moon didn’t look like they were skipping any farther per jump than they would on Earth. Here is how it is officially explained:

“When the Apollo astronauts first walked on the surface of the Moon, they needed to learn how to walk differently in the Moon’s gravity. That’s why the astronauts do a funny hopping run as they move across the surface of the Moon. If they tried to take normal steps, they would fly up into the air too far and fall over – that did happen a few times.”

So, if they took normal steps they would fly up into the air (?), but somehow doing a hopping “run” eliminates that problem.

It was years later that I saw the flag fluttering in the “atmosphere”. The question I think most “blind” Americans would ask at this point is “How could they keep this a secret?” Since they don’t believe that brave and noble astronauts would do this, they find anyone that points things like this out to be a tin foil hat wearer. And even if they did think it possible, they would not believe the successful silence could be maintained for 50 years. They don’t ask the obvious questions. Like, “How did Kennedy’s head explode out the back when he was shot from the rear?”

How much would Neal Armstrong have to be paid to keep this quiet? Probably very little. He is in the history books as the first person on the moon. That is a guaranteed income for life. Plus, his keepers probably convinced him of the patriotic necessity of doing this and since he was ex-military, he could rationalize following orders. But, how did the “little astronauts” keep quiet? Fear of death? How about their wives and children? Surely they let something slip over time? What about mission control personnel at NASA? They’ve kept the secret quite well. Still, I wonder if anyone has had to be killed to keep this quiet, like the large numbers of people that died due the Kennedy assassination.

In the video, a piece is spliced from another presentation. In it, the narrator speaks of the woman on the space station probably being a Freemason. Except women can’t be Freemasons. Oh, they can be Co-Masons or Eastern Star, but not true Masons. Besides, telling a woman a secret like this is, well, the old cliché, “Telephone, telegraph, tell a woman”. This is probably why the majority of actors in the space farce are men.

Texas Arcane said...


With these sorts of sums on tap, launching a dirigible to carry a lightweight ISS mockup is about 0.0000000000001% of what you'd have to spend to launch the real thing. So the ISS which is seen through a telescope looks odd. It looks really odd. Very flat, for example. Some people have actually suggested it may be painted on the underside of a square balloon.

If you look on YouTube you will see documented evidence of the "live feeds" never matching the weather overhead recorded by real people. Many people have shown the ISS projecting a generic cloud cover when they are looking straight up through a completely blue sky for hundreds of miles in all directions.

I think the "ISS" is something fishy. I don't know what it is, but I don't think it is real. I don't claim to have all the answers. As said by another post, you wouldn't go to this much trouble to fake it all if you could really put even a hollow mockup of the ISS into orbit.

James said...

Edward said:

"we do actually need to fear the consequences of our own actions here on Earth, because that could actually make the place unlivable. Things like Fukushima, like causing mass extinctions, like cutting down rainforests and filling up landfill sites etc, like feeding people aspartame if you like, stuff that is creating poison and actually damaging people's brains."

So, why does any of this matter? If what you say is true, why does anything matter? Just because? For the glory of man? Since man's only reality is that he will die, nothing matters. You won't remember your life because you won't exist. Mankind will eventually cease to exist, the universe will not remember, and everything that happened won't matter because there is no one remaining. This reminds me of the poem Ozymandias.

I met a traveller from an antique land
Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. Near them on the sand,
Half sunk, a shatter'd visage lies, whose frown
And wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamp'd on these lifeless things,
The hand that mock'd them and the heart that fed.
And on the pedestal these words appear:
"My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"
Nothing beside remains: round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,
The lone and level sands stretch far away.

FrankNorman said...

One of the main problems with the idea of space travel being a hoax, is the number of people who would have to be in on it, and co-operating. Some of you talk as if you literally think that only the USA has a space program.
The Russians got into space before the Americans, remember? Both in terms of putting something into orbit, and sending a human being up.
As for things in orbit, I hope you're not forgetting GPS? Or satellite TV?
Or the fact that private citizens with enough money to burn can buy a ride into orbit on a Russian Soyuz?

As for space stations they send people up to visit, am I the only one here who remembers Skylab? Or Mir?

Texas Arcane said...


Edward never read Nietszche.

Without God, there is no right and wrong, no common purpose and no glorious future for anything.

nfoe said...

One argument for the moon landings were the laser ranging experiments that used reflectors that the astronauts (supposedly) left on the moon.

But … what will reflect more light back to the laser ranging detector: the corner cube reflectors, or the moon itself? The laser beam is four miles wide when it hits the moon, and the moon has a reflectivity of 0.12, so how do a few little reflectors make any difference to the amount of light reflected back to earth?

Texas Arcane said...


Making too much sense. Doesn't turn out well to examine any of these facetious claims too closely. They break down immediately.

Both the Russians and Chinese say they have never been able to locate these "reflectors." It's just another thing that becomes a truism through repetition. Then you examine it and realize it's made up out of whole cloth.

Ted Walther said...

@nfoe before Ralph Rene passed away, he was being harassed by the badastronomy website guy. On that guys website, someone posted who had interned with NASA. The intern wrote about how frikkin hard it was to adjust the laser to hit the reflectors. It was 10 years ago, so I don't know how to find the quote today, if the badastronomy guy even allowed it to survive. The interns statement (from memory) was "it was so hard to focus the laser on the reflector, it was as if it wasn't there." Let me repeat that: AS IF IT WASN'T THERE. That intern was posting the opposite... he was saying yes, they got the laser to focus and bounce back, and that proves the moon landing happens. But the intern did use those fateful words: "as if it wasn't there".

Sam said...

"...For example, in 2011 I started to wonder if a lot of the space program was faked to conceal the real space program..."

This may be it. They want to save money on the fake space program to spend on the real one.

Why would I believe this? There are several odd machines that use fast accelerating objects(which are then accelerated)(like a surge or transient speeding up of a mass)which seem to have some push against the universe. Like they are putting out an inertial field. Inertial drive. The Dean drive is one of the most famous of these. A guy I respect, G.Harry Stine, pushed a wheeled version on a linoleum floor. When it was turned on he said he could feel it pushing very forcefully. It was good enough that a large corporation spent a lot of money doing theoretical work and building prototypes. They also used the theory to design large paper making machines but they never got it to work and said Dean wouldn't let them see how it worked internally without a million dollar advance. I have a book written by the next door neighbor of Dean who was friends of Dean's kid and he tells how it works. The book is a collectors item now. Last time I looked it was going for over a hundred dollars.

Let's look at another accelerating object. Eric Laithwaite's gyroscopes. Now supposedly this is all supposed to be nothing but a revectoring of forces. I understand their argument but it doesn't make sense. The weight this old Man and little kids are picking up over their heads is about like a full five gallon bucket of water. Can you grab a five gallon bucket of water and just easily lift it straight over your head without doing any clean and jerk or slowly with no strain at all? If it's a revectoring of forces then what's EXACTLY is the force pushing against?????? If you're the only one holding up the gyroscope then shouldn't the weight push down directly on your arm???If not then what EXACTLY is it pushing against to direct the force. I say it's pushing against the universe and that's why is floats up easily.

Watch this. Now see the weight stays about the same as he's lifting it but he has a bent arm picking up all this weight. If he doesn't let the gyroscope precess,(go around in a circle. The faster you let it go in a circle the higher the gyroscope goes), he can not pick it up like that. So where is the force vectored to??? Can't be on his arm as he can't pick it up like that with his arm outstretched. So the vectoring force idea doesn't work.

Here's another Lagiewka Bumper

Alright so we have a prototype and the government knows about these things. They also had papers in aerospace magazines in the 50's talking about tying electrostatics and gravity or probably inertia but suddenly all these articles disappear.

Think of what a coup it would be to have an Inertia drive. Forget blowing gasses out of a engine you could directly push against the universe. The increase in efficiency would be huge. They invested money in all kinds of weird stuff I can't see them not at least looking into such things. These also a lot of work done on exploding wires which fits into the same "surge" category.

I think they have Inertia drives and if you see a UFO some day and they tell you it's Aliens then my guess is it's a big damn lie and it's just humans in a advanced aircraft.

Edward said...

There is no right or wrong, not really in an absolute objective sense. There is what people want to happen and don't want to happen, to them and to those that they know and love. But that is just the chemical soup inside their brains, to which nature itself is rather indifferent.
Life itself is a fight against increasing entropy, and people need to be nudged to act in their best interests to work together as a collective.

There is what men want and what women want, which are not the same, and if men consistently get what they want they make all the women suffer, and if women consistently get what they want they make all the men suffer. These are the active forces that have be kept dynamically in balance if you want a large population as a whole to succeed, so that people get fed, people stay healthy, arts and crafts get to be created, and people actually want to live inside your system and reproduce there, by their choosing to accept your rules.

So you set up a closed system, which admittedly takes a long time to effectively bootstrap, where people are incentivised to delay emotional gratification, work today, play tomorrow, fast today, feast tomorrow, don't have sex with whoever you feel like just because you feel like it, don't pinch each other's stuff, etc.
Promising people an afterlife in heaven or hell, depending on how they behave while they are alive, is just a small part of that very carefully designed control system, and you back up that promise with a consistent set of myths and stories for people to memorise and teach their children, and a bunch of rituals to perform to help ease the tensions in their subconscious and keep that chemical soup ticking over nicely.

The common purpose is that people are generally happy, physical and emotional needs get met, stuff gets built, and material conditions and information density within the closed system gradually increase over time.

The glorious future is you get to be proud of your work, or proud of your children, and other people remember what you contributed, which again is just chemical soup stuff, but when you are gone you are gone.

Duh, the stuff in revelation is a warning about what could happen if the system gets too out of whack, not a promise about what will happen in the future, it's something to be avoided not awaited. You are not supposed to sit around actively waiting for the rapture.

James said...

Edward, I don't care what you believe, really. Its your life. But, are you honest enough to admit that you can't possibly know what you are talking about? You are just recycling things you have heard. You are no closer to the truth than anyone else. But, since you don't believe you live after death, you will never know what is true. You won't even be aware of not knowing.

Edward said...

Well obviously I can't know if it's true or not, because I'm probably missing half of the full picture from where I'm standing, and I'm not privy to private interests. That's about how it would work in the absence of any kind of psi or supernatural. Now I don't personally seem to have an emotional experience of the devine or supernatural, going to church and saying the right words doesn't make me feel anything special, but then I also apparently don't have a normally developing brain, and certainly I would admit to being emotionally retarded or at least emotionally dissociated in some ways, so that I know I don't feel the same things other people feel in a given situation, but at the same time, just because they do feel them doesn't mean there is actually a supernatural, it just means that they feel like there is.

I'm very much a clueless in this scenario.
except that my ambition in life is not to be a 'middle manager' acting as a buffer between a what seems like a totally corrupt overclass and a bunch of 'well-adjusted' fools, I'd rather just be a good engineer and keep my head down. So "If there is any hope it lies in the mirror neurons of the proles", except that the proles seem so easily satisfied that they don't ask difficult questions, unless you rile them over things like PizzaGate, which sure seems to have touched a raw nerve with the overclass.
But if I don't believe in a supernatural or a God, then I also don't believe in Satan either, so while I can't say I would ever take part in the kinds of things these people apparently do, I don't see it as connected to an actual supernatural 'evil', just basic human depravity. People seeking to become part of the power structure. and seeking great wealth and ultimate sexual freedom, crossing the generally accepted moral line and doing things that make them extremely subject to blackmail, so that kind of wealth and power comes at a great cost, once you are in you can't get out again till you drop dead, and that is also a part of the control system. Once you go behind the scenes, step out of the accepted moral frame, you are expected to comply with reinforcing the normally accepted view of reality on everyone else, or else.. and if you can also be persuaded that you have actually 'sold your soul' and so face a supernatural eternal penalty for your short-term success in this life, so much the better because it makes you that much easier to control. In that sense you are not fearing God, you are just fearing what other people will do to you or your family in this life if they find out what you have done, which is just as effective.

Edward said...

I'm not entirely convinced that psi doesn't exist though, there are strange coincidences and synchronicitys that I can't account for within a fully deterministic non-supernatural physics, and there sure seem to be areas of that so-called physics that might as well be lies, or are just so tangled up in mind-bending arcane maths that only people who are already partly crazy would convince themselves they understood it and were on to something. So things like string theory seem like disinformation campaigns, and maybe Tesla really knew what he was talking about, and maybe we already do know a bunch of stuff we aren't being told about, potential energy sources, antigravity, but because the current physics worldview also protects said power structure, scarce oil resources from the Middle East and so forth, we will never see those kinds of developments in our lifetime.
But then, what we have been told about sub-atomic quantum stuff does appear to hold down to a very small scale, else we never would have been able to reliably build microprocessors and things on a 10nm scale. But the only scientific and technological advances that we are being gifted with are those things that serve to effectively poison us, to make public healthcare systems unaffordable and to reinforce the established power structure via tracking everything that we do and even think about, not those things that serve to set us 'free' from it, whatever that would entail.

It's just all really confusing, so we are living in an era of post-truth, and it's very frustrating. The pieces of the puzzle don't seem to fit together very well anymore, and if you can't maintain a consistent worldview, how can you have any kind of moral system layered on top, besides what feels good, what doesn't feel good, and what you can get away with?
I mean 'treat others as you would like to be treated' is fine, but not everyone wants to be treated the same way, so why still condemn homosexuals or BDSM. Why spend a fortune prolonging the life of people who would actually rather just die?
I don't see how you can claim to understand enough physics to build a magnetic resonance imaging scanner, a nuclear ICBM, a Mach 3 airplane and an iPad, and also believe in a supernatural God and an afterlife, and you certainly can't do any of those things while believing in a flat earth.

MycroftJones said...

Flat earth no, but geocentricity, God, and afterlife, yes. If you can't see how one can hold such beliefs and also understand physics, it is that you lack imagination.

Edward said...

You really believe that the earth is the centre of the universe? We're not even physically the centre of the galaxy, and our galaxy is one of millions or billions of other galaxies, and probably more than 3 times as old as our planet.
Or you believe that the earth is the central 'focus' of the universe, at least from the creator Gods perspective? That it was designed and created to be a testing ground for us, so that the rest of it was just put there to make the night sky look really pretty while we are here to test our faith? Turn thee away from thy telescopes and thy astrology charts and be faithful only unto the lord your God?
Send the not thy unmanned probes to explore the other planets in thy system, for it profiteth thee not to increase thy understanding.

Like the dinosaur bones were buried in such a way that we would inevitably eventually find them and assume they were 60 million years old, again to test our faith in the truth of the bible?